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"American Idol": Auditions part 2

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
1/18/2013 1:03am EST


Night two of premiere week on “American Idol” continues with auditions in Chicago.


Among the 47 singers who earned their golden tickets to Hollywood were McKenzie whose Dad plays in country star Vince Gil’s band, Kiara who sang for President Obama’s birthday party, Johnny Keyse who made a return visit to audition again after being eliminated during Hollywood week last season.


Stephanie got three yeses but a no from Nicki who said she didn’t feel it.  Gabe brought home baked cookies and his rocker voice which earned him four yeses.  Isabelle sang “Baby it’s Cold Outside” and got Keith to perform the male duet part; earning her three yeses but not impressing Randy.


But there were far more no votes then yes votes including Melissa who brought a T-shirt for Randy.  Kevin was more of an impersonator and Randy told him to sing for himself.


Keith had to cut day one of auditions short to leave for a concert but the remaining three judges soldiered on giving yes votes to Griffin, Curtis, and Mariah.


On day two of the auditions, Keith rejoined his fellow judges to give four yes votes in a series of clips, to Brandy, and Josh.


Clifton’s parents had never heard him sing…until the auditions.  It was a very happy threesome when the judges sent Clifton to Hollywood with four yeses.


Street performer Kez Ban charmed the judges with her audition of an original song as she played the guitar; earning her four yes votes and a golden ticket.


But not all those who auditioned were so lucky.  Randy called professional dancer Ieisha tone deaf and musical theatre student Ashley’s vocals as shocking.


The last audition of the show was from Lazaro who although stuttered badly when talking had a beautiful singing voice that earned him a golden ticket to Hollywood.


The next stop for Idol is Charlotte with more singers and the well publicized feud between the girls.

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