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Things Get "Bad" on "Dancing with the Stars"

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
11/20/2012 10:17pm EST

“Dancing with the Stars” has reached the seim finals for the All Star season and five couples will be vying for the three spots in the finals as they perform two very different dances.


Round one dances are the themes and styles chosen by the dancers for each other last week and round two features dances to songs from the new Michael Jackson album “Bad 25” commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the original album release.  During commercials breaks in round two Troupe members performed to previously unreleased material from the deluxe edition of “Bad 25” as Jackson’s mother Katherine looked on from the audience.


The show opens with a performance from the DWTS Troupe and guest dancers to a medley of “Smooth Criminal” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”.


Melissa and Tony kicked the competition with their Caveman Hustle to “Walk the Dinosaur”.  During rehearsals on Sunday Tony hurt his back but said that there was no way he wasn’t going to dance and let Melissa down.  Although the judges would have liked to see more of the Hustle, they enjoyed the performance and gave the pair 27.5 points for the dance.


Shawn and Derek performed a “Knight Rider” Bangra – an Indian folk dance – that actually left Shawn breathless and the judges loving the performance.  The pair earned themselves a perfect score of 30 for their dance.


Apolo and Karina performed a Big Top Jazz routine that was a modern Jazz routine with elements of Bob Fosse.  With judge’s comments that were mixed Bruno said it was the most creative performance calling it a mix of Cirque du Soliel and “A Clockwork Orange”.  Apolo and Karina earned 27 points for their dance.


Emmitt and Cheryl performed an Espionage Lindey Hop to the Johnny Rivers hit “Secret Agent Man” that included an exploding ball at the end.  The judges liked the energy and fun of the dance calling it a Looney Toon James Bond.  Emmitt and Cheryl scored 27 points for their dance.


Kelly and Valentin performed a Surfer Flamenco with the last part danced in the water.  While the judges agreed that the dance was more of an erratic Paso Dobe and not a Flamenco; Len liked the energy and Bruno said Kelly was upstaged by the speedo.  Kelly and Valentin scored 25.5 points for their dance.


Kelly and Valentin – 25.5
Apolo and Karina- 27
Emmitt and Cheryl – 27
Melissa and Tony – 27.5

Shawn and Derek – 30


In round two Melissa and Tony started things off with an Argentine Tango to “Dirty Diana” that had all the judges hoping Melissa would be in the finals.  Melissa and Tony earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.


Shawn and Derek performed an Argentine Tango to “Bad” that nearly caused a fight between judges and earned them a score of 29 points.


Apolo and Karina performed a Rumba to “Man in the Mirror” that melted Carrie Ann’s heart and the judges agreed was perfection.  The pair earned a perfect score for their Rumba.


Emmitt and Cheryl performed a Tango to “Leave Me Alone” that the judges liked but said needed more refinement.  Emmitt and Cheryl scored 27 points for their Tango.


The final performance of the night came from Kelly and Valentin with a romantic Rumba to “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” that included a kiss at the end.  The judges called the dance smoldering, beautiful, fantastic, and wonderful.  Kelly and Valentin scored 28.5 points for their Rumba.


Emmitt and Cheryl – 27
Kelly and Valentin – 28.5
Shawn and Derek - 29
Melissa and Tony – 30
Apolo and Karina - 30


Kelly and Valentin – 25.5 + 28.5 = 54
 Emmitt and Cheryl – 27 + 27 = 54
Apolo and Karina- 27 + 30 = 57
Melissa and Tony – 27.5 +30 = 57.5

Shawn and Derek – 30 + 29 = 59

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