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It's Movie Night on "The X Factor"

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
11/8/2012 4:59am EST

This week “The X Factor” goes to the movies as they perform movie songs.  The song theme may have been the movies, but there was another theme of the night – interruptions by the show’s “stars”.


Before the competition began host Mario Lopez and head judge Simon Cowell announced that last week a mistake had been made and one of the eliminated artists have been called back.


The first to perform was Arin Ray whose performance left Demi somewhat speechless.  The judges agreed that Arin looked like a star and rocked the stage.


Paige Thomas made an impressive entrance when she descended from the ceiling as she began her song.  The judges were not all in agreement but agreed the beginning was impressive but felt it needed to go somewhere.  Paige said that she loved everything about the performance.


LA was playing air drums as his singer Vino Alan performed.  The judges called the performance phenomenal, impressive and full of soul.


The boys from Emblem Three did not settle for just one song but performed a medley of songs that LA called perfection and Brittney was blown away.


Beatrice Miller took on “Iris” in a performance that LA said sounded like a hit song with the judges agreeing it was a  great performance.


Jennel Garcia’s performance of “I Love Rock and Roll” failed to impress the guys with them saying the song was a parody with no originality; but the girls thought it was hot and amazing.


Tate Stevens, the man LA says represents the working class, gave a performance of “Wanted Dead or Alive” that had Brittney saying Tate was a true cowboy and a slice of America.


Lyric 145 chose a song from “Mary Poppins” that did not please LA but Simon called, “bloody fantastic.”


It was time for the returning artist to perform – Diamond White took on Whitney Houston in a performance that Brittney said would make Whitney proud.  All of the judges agreed that they were happy to see that Diamond had returned.


Cece Frey’s performance of “Eye of the Tiger” had mixed reviews with Simon calling it a horrible song choice with no originality and LA wasn’t blown away; but Brittney said Cece brought it.


Carly Rose gave a performance the judges called heartfelt and honest; Brittney said that Carly should have closed the show because no one could follow that performance.


Jason Brock’s performance “I Can Fly” left the judges wanting; saying that he resembled a lounge act or a waiter in an Italian restaurant.


Last up was the girl group whose name has changed yet again; but this time the fans chose the name – Fifth Harmony.  Singing a song from “Twilight” the judges agreed that the girls nailed it and shined throughout the performance.


On the results show Thursday, the fan vote will be revealed and One Direction will perform.

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