Mariah Carey: 'I Think I Have To Remain Eternally Oblivious To Age'

The X Factor - More from the Judge's Homes

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
10/12/2012 1:16am EDT

Tonight on “The X Factor” the two remaining categories – the over 25s and the teens – perform in hopes of making it as one of the finalists on the live shows.


When LA Reid learned that he would be mentoring the over 25 category, he was not happy and made no secret of the matter.  Before his category performed LA again expressed his feelings but added that he was looking for a star and planned on winning.  He also told the singers that they would have to prove that they were worth his time.  While listening to the singers, Reid spoke with guest mentors Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun about the singers saying that talent wasn’t the question, viability in the market was the question.  Once all of the singers had performed, Reid noted that making his decisions would be a lot harder than he thought.


In Malibu Britney Spears and her guest mentor listened as the teens, some as young as 13, performed.  One such teen was Arin Ray who made it to the judge’s homes on season one as a part of the group Intensity.  The group was eliminated before making it to the live shows; but this time around, Ray is hoping to make it all the way on his own as a solo artist.


Next week the 24 acts will become 16 when the judge’s will reveal their choices as they pare the six down to four.


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