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<em>Revenge</em> recap: Ghosts of Thanksgivings past

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It's Thanksgiving in 2006 in The Hamptons and things are getting crazy. Dark family secrets are revealed, enemies are made, and new love is discovered.

Victoria takes revenge

In 2006, Daniel Grayson wanted to major in creative writing and be a poet, which isn't going to fly with his parents, but they'll never tell him this. His dad will just burn his poetry, but say he sent it to publishers who rejected him. He's determined to keep his son in the family business.

Young Daniel is idealistic in other ways, too, and invites his estranged grandmother and her new fiance over for dinner. Victoria and her mother haven't spoken in more than 30 years, but he manages to convince himself this will go well.

It's easy to see where Victoria gets her cruel and calculating nature from once we meet her mother. Marian is on her way to marry wealthy… again, and Victoria is determined to reveal their family secrets to the unsuspecting fiance. Apparently, when Victoria was 15 years old, her mother had her shoot a man who was about to walk out on her instead of marry her so she can have his money. Then, Victoria was sent to an institution for six months, and when she got out, Marian's new man sexually abused her. Eventually, Victoria was kicked out of the house and never spoke to her mother again.

After hearing the story, the fiance dumps Marian, who is now left alone and broke, and without any man to take care of her. Then it's revealed that Victoria set up their entire relationship and the fiance was just a paid actor. It is her own story of revenge 35 years in the making!

At the same time, Emily is working with Takeda and meets Aiden . He's trying to find his sister who was kidnapped and sold into the sex trade . He and Emily meet while they are both hunting down the man who took Colleen. Emily saves his life twice and he eventually shoots the man who kidnapped his sister. Takeda takes him on as a student only because Emily threatened to leave if he didn't.

Present day, the two are cuddling in bed, reminiscing over how they met and Emily actually seems happy. Is this a good thing or will it get in the way of her plans for revenge?

We also learn that Jack's dad was responsible for the death of a local thug who was blackmailing local business owners. That thug's son just went into business with Jack. Looks like Emily's not the only one out for revenge.

Emily Thorne, Master of Disguise - Revenge

Emily\'s most memorable outfits make a comeback in this remix. Watch full episodes of Revenge at http://abc.go.com/shows/revenge?cid=YTV_REV

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