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'Celebrity Wife Swap': Carnie Wilson And Tracey Gold Swap Lives

January 3rd, 2012 12:58pm EST | SheKnows Entertainment By: SheKnows Entertainment favorite Add to My News

Carnie WilsonABC gave viewers a sneak peek of Celebrity Wife Swap Monday night, and let us say -- swapping celebrity wives is so much more enticing than the regular version.

It's a stitch watching quiet homemakers fend for themselves in a family of hooligans on the regular Wife Swap, but watching two families swap wives who happen to be famous on Celebrity Wife Swap is just plain ridiculous -- in a good way. 

ABC decided it was going to tease us with a sneak peek of Celebrity Wife Swap after The Bachelor on Monday night -- the first two famous victims being Carnie Wilson and Tracey Gold

You've got control freak Tracey Gold who runs a tight ship with her husband , while Carnie Wilson lives a chaotic lifestyle with her husband Rob. 

It all sounds very typical, right? The uptight lady swaps lives with the free spirit. What makes this so juicy, however, is the fact that it's two celebs. 

America is already submerged in finding out what's going on in the lives of the famous -- watching them swap lives is just about as delicious as things can get for gawkers. 

You know how this one ends, because it always ends the same -- Carnie Wilson realized she had to spend more time with her hubby and Tracey Gold came to the conclusion that loosening up a bit couldn't hurt. 

See, just because the idea is typical, doesn't mean it will be boring. It's the people you build into the show that will make it a guilty pleasure for all! Kudos ABC! 

Tuesday, Jan. 3, Gary Busey and evangelical pastor Ted Haggard will swap wives on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Gary Busey? Yeah, that's pretty amazing. We can't wait for the Flavor Flav episode! 

Whose celebrity wife would you swap with if you could?

Celebrity Wife Swap

Celebrity Wife Swap


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