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'Arrow' Recap: Episode 8: 'Vendetta'

12/6/2012 2:23pm EST
Arrow and The Huntress
At the start we find our hero and the huntress waking after a night of passion (that we didn’t get to see). But we don’t linger in Oliver’s bed long. Helena is off, up, and back to her killing ways once again. Girl sure doesn’t waste time does she? On her rader: the Triad. She wants to knock off the head of the Triad and then get the criminal organization (along with China White) to take on her father. But thanks to Oliver her initial attempt misfires.

He sweetens up the bitter sting of failure by taking her on a second date however. It’s a little weird because he’s giving off rela...

'Arrow' Recap: Episode 7: 'Muse of Fire'

12/2/2012 11:30am EST
At the start of "Arrow's" latest episode, our hooded fellow is riding on his motorcycle and sulking over his forgotten lunch date with his mother. But the reminder, courtesy of Thea, turned out to be a segue to the introduction of this week’s target as Oliver witnesses another black leathered motorcyclist commit one of the more accurate drive-bys in recent television history.

The target: yet another shady business man with mob ties. Why is this a problem you ask? Well before becoming a part of the death-by-vigilante statistic in Starling City, the business man was attempting to close a...

'Arrow' Recap: Episode 6 'Legacies'

11/16/2012 10:37am EST
Oliver & Diggle Training
Arrow opens up with a bank robbery – or business as usual in Starling City. The crime is carried out by a ski-mark wearing group known as the Royal Flush Gang. They’re skilled, working on a clock, and attempted killers of a cop, who attempts to save the day. And just when it starts to look like they are going to get caught, they are revealed to be smarter than the responding cops by having a Plan B and an alternate escape route.

Elsewhere in the city, Oliver is literally beating Diggle into shape and revealing the name of their latest target: Scott Morgan. But the former Marine has di...

'Arrow' Recap: Episode 5: 'Damaged'

11/8/2012 4:07pm EST
Oliver Queen Arrested
At the end of last week’s episode Oliver was arrested by Detective Lance for a slew of charges including obstruction of justice and murder. But we start the beginning of this week back on the island where Oliver and Arrow the First (hereby known as ATF) are trotting through the forest in search of a meal. Oliver can’t yet handle the bow and arrow, so he’s been tasked with fetching whatever ATF kills. Unfortunately for him, black hooded ninjas are waiting to take him hostage near the dead fowl. Take this as a note boys and girls: forests and abandoned secluded islands are no place for t...

'Arrow' Recap: Episode 3: 'Lone Gunmen'

10/25/2012 4:03pm EDT
Stephen Amell as Arrow
“Arrow” opens with more muscle flexing and a quick reveal on this week’s target: James Holder, the corrupt businessman behind a company that installed faulty fire detectors in the homes of the poor resulting in a literal death for some of the disenfranchised. So Arrow goes over to Holder’s house to dispatch some justice but mid-way into his [boring] spiel the bad guy is mercifully executed by a long-range gun shot.

Oliver is also hit by a bullet in the shoot-out and once back at his compound as he starts to faint, he figures out that the bullets are dipped in a rare poison – assassins ar...

'Arrow' Recap: Episode 2: 'Honor Thy Father'

10/18/2012 12:30pm EDT
Previously on "Arrow": We were introduced to Oliver Queen, a billionaire play-boy, just as his yacht capsized. He was canoodling with a girl later identified as his former girlfriend’s sister. She dies. He ends up stranded on a life boat with his dad and some other guy, and his father perhaps delirious from the recent events, decides that Oliver is the sole person that can right all of his wrongs, and promptly kills the other guy, and then himself. Oliver ends up on an island – gets rescued – and returns to his home where he is a care-free play-boy by day and a green hooded archer by n...