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'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': Trump Hires Trace Adkins As This Year’s All-Star!

May 20th, 2013 2:58pm EDT
Trump Hires Trace Adkins As This Year’s All-Star!
It’s been a long time coming. All Star Celebrity Apprentice began 12 weeks ago, when 14 celebrities gathered to show off their entrepreneurial skills. This week, the race is down to the two finalists, Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins, battling to the end for the title, and for their charities.

As Penn tells Trace backstage, “One of us will win. But not by much.”

Live, from New York City, Donald Trump pronounces it the battle of Nashville vs. Las Vegas. A montage of past moments is shown, culminating with a continuation of last week’s challenge. The finalists were tasked with creating a new ...

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Down To 2 As Finale Battle Begins

May 13th, 2013 2:27pm EDT
All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Last week, the teams were tasked with designing a luxury suite in Brooklyn’s Barclay Centre. Power’s Marilu Henner, with help from Lil Jon and Trace Adkins, lost to Plan B’s Lisa Rinna and Penn Jillette, who won the challenge and $100K for Lisa’s charity. 

Trace and Lil Jon enter the Victory suite after Marilu’s departure, and greet Lisa and Penn. As they congratulate themselves on being the Final Four, the phone rings, and its Trump, summoning them all back into the Board Room.

Trump, with Ivanka and Don Jr., tells them that two of them will be fired immediately. Trace says that he’s sti...

'Survivor: Caramoan' – John Cochran Blows Away All Competition For The Title!

May 13th, 2013 10:48am EDT
John Cochran was crowned Sole Survivor
As the episode begins, only Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Sherri and Erik are left in the game. After Tribal Council, Erik begins to feel dazed and disoriented, his head spinning. Jeff Probst comes to his aid, and brings in the medical team to assess Erik’s condition. His pulse is low, as is his blood pressure, and after 36 days, Erik has to be pulled from the game, for medical reasons. As the others say goodbye, Jeff gives them a pep talk, telling them they have to stay strong. There are only three days left, and one of the four will be winning the million dollar prize.

Back at camp, Cochran’s al...

'Survivor: Caramoan' – Dawn's Shocking Betrayal Of Brenda May Cost Her The Game

May 9th, 2013 11:07am EDT
Survivor: Caramoan
Last week on, Survivor: With Reynold and Andrea gone in last week’s double elimination, only six remain. Eddie is the last of the Three Amigos, and with Andrea’s blindside, no one feels safe.

Day 35, and Eddie feels like a sitting duck. With his ally Andrea gone, he’s sure he’ll be next to go home. While chatting with Cochran, Eddie mentions that he thinks Cochran will be next, if Eddie wins the Immunity Challenge. Cochran, paranoid as ever, thinks he may be right. Dawn is shocked to hear that Brenda and Erik are also considering Cochran, but is delighted to hear that Brenda and Erik think...

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': Hello Chess Master, Goodbye Marilu

May 6th, 2013 2:15pm EDT
All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Last week, project manager Gary Busey ran roughshod over Plan B’s Lisa Rinna and Penn Jillette, and created his own wacky video for the team’s task. The team lost, and despite Gary’s claim that Penn and Lisa had worked against him, Gary was fired. Lil Jon’s team Power won the challenge and $40,000.00 for his charity, the American Diabetes Association.

This week, the teams meet up with Donald Trump and two executives (Rodney and Scott) representing Foxwoods Resorts. With them are John Rich, winner of 2011’s Celebrity Apprentice, and Donald Trump Jr., who will be the teams’ advisors. The cel...

'Survivor: Caramoan' – Both Reynold And Andrea Take The Walk Of Shame

May 2nd, 2013 11:25am EDT
Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites
Last week on, Survivor: Cochran continued his reign as resident Challenge Monster, and the Three Amigos became Two as Malcolm was voted out.

Post Tribal Council, Reynold and Eddie assured the others of their intent to play hard, winning Immunity Challenges to stay in the game. Andrea conferred with Cochran, targeting Reynold as next to go.

Erik and the others are shocked when Day 31’s treemail brings another Immunity Challenge, rather than a food reward. Priority number one becomes outlasting Reynold so that they can eliminate him.

The Challenge Monster shows up to the Immunity Challenge...

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': And Your Little Mechanical Dog Too!

April 29th, 2013 3:16pm EDT
All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Last week, Gary Busey got on Lisa Rinna’s last nerve, with his inability to focus or be a part of their tiny team. But Penn Jillette still managed to pull off a successful task, winning for Plan B. Team Power’s Brande Roderick took the fall for the loss, and was fired.

After last week’s Board Room, Lil Jon is the last original member of Power, and he feels like the proverbial “black guy in a horror movie.” With only six players remaining, Plan B is still not playing on a level field; Gary is their weakest link.

Donald Trump greets the troops with a surprise advisor – Joan Rivers, a previo...

'Survivor: Caramoan' – Malcolm Ousted From The Game

April 25th, 2013 1:39pm EDT
Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites
Last week on, Survivor: Stealth R Us wanted Eddie, Reynold and Malcolm out of the game. But Malcolm had a daring plan, and Phillip, so sure he was safe, found himself voted off the Island. The Three Amigos won that round, but will they continue their winning streak?

Malcolm says, “With the execution of The Specialist Phillip Sheppard, hopefully Stealth R Us will fracture.” Cochran just hopes that he never hears the phrase, “Stealth R Us” again. And Erik tells us that Phillips departure has rocked the stability of the game, but left him personally in a great spot.

Day 29: Everyone is exhau...

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': Playmate Brande Roderick Goes Bust

April 22nd, 2013 4:03pm EDT
All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Last week, the teams were tasked with making a silent movie promoting Australian Gold. Gary Busey headed up Plan B, but team mate Stephen Baldwin took charge. Marilu Henner was switched to team Power, and helped them win the challenge. Trump fired Stephen, for failing to showcase the client’s many products.

In the Celebration Suite, team Power toasted their success, and waited to find out if Gary had survived yet another Board Room. The consensus seemed to be that Gary, although creative and funny, was past his ‘best before’ date on the show, since his creativity outweighed his ability to ...

'Survivor: Caramoan': Malcolm Hits The Specialist Out Of Park During Craziest Tribal Council Ever

April 18th, 2013 2:08pm EDT
Survivor: Caramoan
Could it be? Could it really be? And would Phillip stamp his foot like Rumpelstiltskin? "The devil has told you that! The devil has told you that," cried the little man, and in his anger he plunged his right foot so deep into the earth that his whole leg went in, and then in rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two.” (Brothers Grimm)

But I’m getting ahead of myself ….

Last time on, Survivor: Dawn still couldn’t stop crying at every twist and turn of the game. Andrea played both sides against the middle, with her flirtation with fireman Eddie. Phil...