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'Survivor: Cagayan' - Brains Tribe Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

March 13th, 2014 1:35pm EDT
Brains Tribe
Previously on, Survivor: On the Brawn Beach, paranoid Tony developed several alliances within his tribe, although he had no intention of actually working with others. The Brains tribe was slowly imploding, as Tasha formed a girls’ alliance with the useless J’Tia and wishy-washy Kass. Team Beauty’s Jeremiah found himself stuck between two alliances when they lost their first challenge and sent Brice home.

After Tribal Council, Jeremiah told Morgan that Brice’s social game was so good that it scared him, which was why he voted against him. As the tribe snuggled in for the night, Morgan apolo...

'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: 'He Definitely Kind Of Betrayed My Trust'

March 6th, 2014 1:57pm EST
Previously on Survivor: the 18 new castaways were divided into three tribes: brawn, brains and beauty. On the Beauty tribe, Morgan and Brice recruited Jeremiah for their alliance. On Brawn’s beach, Tony’s paranoia is building, despite having a fellow cop on his tribe. The Brain tribe has lost the first two challenges in a row, leaving the four remaining members depressed. And hungry, thanks to J’Tia’s temper tantrum, when she threw almost all of their rice into the fire.

The Brains team is certainly misnamed, as each of the members admit that they should have sent J’Tia home, but chose Gar...

'Survivor Cagayan' - The Survivor Gods Are Speaking

February 27th, 2014 4:24pm EST
'Survivor Cagayan' - The Survivor Gods Are Speaking
39 days, 18 people – ONE SURVIVOR. And so it begins.

The players arrive, once again in the Philippines, already sorted into three groups - Brains, Beauty and Brawn. The Brains tribe is Luzon (David, Garrett, J’Tia, Kassandra, Latasha, and Spencer,) and they arrive by helicopter. The Beauty tribe – Solana -(Jefra, Alexis, Bryce, Jeremiah, LJ and Morgan) sail in by boat, and the Brawn tribe Aparri, consisting of Cliff, Sarah, Tony, Lindsey, Trish, and Woo ride in on a truck, before everyone meets up in a field.

Jeff Probst welcomes the teams, and explaines how the three divisions have been ...

'Survivor 2013: Blood Vs. Water' – And The Winner Is… Tyson!

December 16th, 2013 4:11pm EST
Tyson Apolstol was crowned Sole Survivor
Previously on … Survivor.  Blood vs. Water began with 12 couples, who were quickly split up and turned into competitors. Last week, Ciera and Hayden tried but failed to get Monica’s support, and it was Hayden’s turn to go to Redemption Island.

This week, the final Redemption Island duel/truel pits Tina and Laura against Hayden, who thinks his chances are good against “a couple of grandmas.” Unfortunately, the challenge involves balancing a ceramic vase on a board, using only one foot, traditionally an easier task for women than men. The winner will rejoin the tribe, but the two losers are ...

'Survivor 2013: Blood Vs. Water': Monica's Swing Vote Cuts Hayden Loose

December 12th, 2013 11:44am EST
Hayden Moss
Previously on … Survivor.  Tyson was cruising through the game, with a strong alliance, and the second immunity idol. At Tribal Council, Ciera flipped on her alliance, and for the second time in Survivor history, rocks were drawn to break a tie. Katie was sent to Redemption Island. Tina was overjoyed to see her daughter, but was aware that only one of them can get back into the game.

At Kasama, everyone was still reeling from the Tribal Council proceedings. Tyson took an aggressive/defensive stance against Hayden, saying that you should never let a “crazy person” know that they’re on the b...

'Survivor 2013: Blood Vs. Water' – Hayden Rustles Feathers But Katie Loses!

December 5th, 2013 1:42pm EST
Jeff Probst extinguishes Katie Collins's flame at Tribal Council
Previously on … Survivor.  After Laura M. was voted out, no couples were left, and the game was on. Caleb and Hayden saw a chance to blindside their biggest threat, Tyson, but after Ciera revealed their plan, Tyson was ready to fight fire with fire. Caleb and Hayden threw Ciera under the bus. Tyson played his Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, but in the end he didn’t need it. Caleb was sent to Redemption Island, in a close vote targeting both Caleb and Ciera. Only six players now remain in the game.

Back at Kasama, Hayden couldn’t help but congratulate Tyson on his game play. He had ...

Survivor 2013: Blood vs. Water – Mom Power! Monica Wins 3rd Immunity!

November 28th, 2013 5:47pm EST
Survivor: Blood vs. Water
Previously on … Survivor.  After 26 days, two things were certain; Katie was at the bottom of the group, and Laura and Ciera were the last ‘couple’ in the game. But Ciera chose her alliance over her mother, and Laura was sent to Redemption Island.

After Tribal Council, everyone apologized to Ciera for voting out her mother, but wondered at Ciera’s lack of loyalty. Some thought that Ciera’s cold-bloodedness indicated a lack of trustworthiness.

Vytas and Tina were shocked to see Laura at Redemption Island, and wondered why Tyson was still floating under the radar, while running the game.


'Survivor 2013: Blood Vs. Water' – Ciera Votes To Exile Mother Laura

November 21st, 2013 1:53pm EST
Survivor 2013: Blood vs. Water
Previously on … Survivor.  The tribes merged to form Kasama. Three were reunited with their loved ones, but not for long, as Tyson systematically eliminated couples. After Aras, Vytas and Tina were voted out, Laura and Ciera were the only loved ones left in the game.

Returning from Tribal Council, Katie felt defeated. The other seven players had a strong alliance, and she knew she could be next to go.

Laura M was delighted that they were the last surviving couple, but Ciera is very aware that their partnership makes them a target. She warns her mother to avoid any strategizing with anyone...

'Survivor 2013: Blood vs. Water' - Survivors Face Nasty Food Immunity Challenge

November 14th, 2013 10:24am EST
Caleb Bankston, Hayden Moss, Gervase Peterson, Vytas Baskauskas,
Previously on … Survivor.  After the merge, the tribes reunited. Tyson found the Hidden Immunity Idol, and then engineered a coup, sending Aras to Redemption Island.

After Tribal Council, Vytas complimented the others on their gamesmanship, saying that neither he nor Aras saw it coming. But he was angry, and wanted vengeance on those who sent his brother to exile. Tina was furious with Monica and Tyson, and told them that they had lost at least five jury votes for flipping. Tyson tried to reason with Tina, saying that they were all only playing the game, and that she had been the one that ...

'Survivor 2013: Blood vs. Water' Recap: King Aras Loses His Crown

November 7th, 2013 4:00pm EST
Vytas Baskauskas and Aras Baskauskas during the eighth episode o
Previously on … Survivor.  Laura B. tried to saved Vytas’ feelings by warning him that he was next to go, but wound up herself being the one voted out.

After Tribal Council, Vytas assured the girls that he was on their side to the end. Tina let Monica know that she could be the next female to leave.  In a confessional, Vytas admitted that “true blue loyalty” is not the way he plays.

At Redemption Island, Laura B. was furious that the girls mistook her honesty for disloyalty. She felt that they women had made a huge mistake, pre-merge, as the men would now outnumber the women. John and Lau...