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'Two And A Half Men' Recap – Golden Girls Gone Wild

Roxanne Tellier Roxanne Tellier
4/10/2012 10:15am EDT

Two and a Half Men - Grandma's Pie

This week, the show picks up two story lines from the recent past – Walden’s on again/off again partnership with Billy Stanhope, and Alan and Lyndsey’s mothers getting together. But the real shocker is that Walden may actually be contemplating a change in the Beach House’s living arrangements; could Alan really, finally, have to grow up and move out? Hang on … in episode 13, back in January, Walden made a deal with Alan - Alan is now half owner of the Beach House, at least on paper. Alan doesn’t have any rights to sell the property, or to borrow against it, but he can tell women it’s his house. So, what will happen there?

Zoey’s still in England and Walden chats with her on Skype. Zoey’s missing him too, but wonders why Alan is still living at the Beach House. Something else is on Walden’s mind. Walden’s got a secret. In her absence, he’s started a new software company with his old partner, Billy, and a third partner – Walden’s ex-wife Bridget. Turns out, Bridget helped design the code for the original software, so he hasn’t any other choice. Alan’s getting 100 shares of the new stock, which could be worth millions, for his part in bringing Walden and Billy back together.  

Alan’s got a problem too. His mother, and his girlfriend’s mother, have become lovers. They are the “Golden Girls Gone Wild.” Lyndsey thinks that Evelyn is taking advantage of Jean, who’s got a new image, a new tattoo, and a plan to move in with Evelyn.  They stop by to pick up a few things, then they’re off to close up Jean’s condo. Just to make him even more miserable, Evelyn tells Alan and Lyndsey that this sort of makes them brother and sister.

Zoey’s ecstatic to be home, and in bed with Walden. After having sex, they chat, and Walden tells her he’s started a new company with Billy, a new product called ‘the Electric Suitcase.’ It’s bigger than big; the three of them could end up splitting billions of dollars. Um, three of them? Yep, Zoey, Bridget’s the third partner. And so it begins …

Zoey’s upset. Walden says that Zoey sees her ex all the time, as they have a child together, so how different is that from he and Bridget having a business together?  Walden asks her to have one dinner with him and Bridget, so that she can see that everything is on the up and up. She reluctantly agrees.

Alan’s not sure Walden’s idea is so great, but he’s got an even worse plan to bring together his son Jake, Lyndsey’s son Eldridge, and the two gay grandmas.  Alan says they should all come back to the Beach House after their terrible dinners, and share their experience. Walden says that would be like a recap of a reality show and it’s a shame that they can’t let America vote on it. Or can they?

Berta makes Bridget, Walden and Zoey dinner at the Beach House. Bridget feels that Zoey is insecure about Walden and Bridget working together, after all their years together, but they’re just business partners now. Bridget definitely pushes Zoey’s buttons as she and Walden slip into shop talk, inferring that Zoey is not as bright as they are. But she really gets Zoey going when she says that she’s glad they’re keeping their relationship casual, since that way, no one can accuse Zoey of going after Walden’s money.  

Zoey is angry at the implication, and Bridget makes it worse by saying that since Bridget met Walden when he had nothing, no one could question her intentions.

When Judy leaves, she gives Walden a hug goodbye, and asks Zoey to not let him wear sandals to an important business meeting they have the next day. Zoey says she doesn’t tell Walden what to wear. Bridget tells her, she’ll learn. Walden thinks the dinner went great, but Zoey (and Berta) disagree. Zoey feels Walden missed everything; Bridget wants to destroy their relationship and get Walden back. Walden says that’s not true – Bridget’s with Billy. Zoey can’t understand how Walden can be so smart about some things, and so stupid about others.

Jake and Eldridge wonder why their grandmothers are moving in together. Alan tells them that the grandmothers are lonely, and have decided to become roommates. The boys squabble over which grandmother is tougher than the other.

At Evelyn’s home, Jean and Evelyn serve a home cooked meal, and Jean tells Eldridge to leave room for ‘grandma’s pie.’ Evelyn makes a toast, saying it gives her such pleasure to welcome Jean into her home, and to share their new friendship with the two families. And Jean wants to thank ‘Evy’ for showing her that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

Over Skype, Zoey tells Walden that Bridget’s right; she has history with Walden, and Walden can’t even be sure if Bridget loves him for himself or his money. She thinks they should go their separate ways. Walden has a counter-proposal – Zoey and Ava should move in with him.  He loves her, and wants her in his life. Ava (Talyan Wright) jumps in, asking her mother to please say yes, and saying that she loves Walden.

Zoey says there’s one little problem – if she and Ava move in, isn’t somebody going to have to move out?  Driving home, Alan gets a shiver up his spine, and doesn’t know why.

At home, Alan once makes tea for Walden, and they discuss their respective dinners. Alan says his went pretty well, everyone behaved. Walden says his was fantastic. He then asks Alan if Lyndsey owns her own home, and Alan gets another chill.  

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