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Paul Meekin is a Chicago based writer, television producer, and movie critic for Streetwise Magazine. He can found on twitter @MeekinOnMovies and facebook at He also stars and writes the hit web-based sketch comedy show, "FatMan and Little Girl" on Youtube Channel: ANTVGM64

Review: 'What's Your Number?' Counts On Chemistry, Is Greater Than Sum Of Its Parts

9/30/2011 2:00pm EDT
mine is about 8 and half.
“What's Your Number” first looked to be a movie about how silly magazines like Cosmo craze typically well adjusted women into believing (or trying) ridiculous things in the name of romance and passion. The flip side of this is that these sorts of magazines can also make women believe they are weird, or fat, or slutty. It's the latter in “What's Your Number” a romantic comedy for I'm-not-sure who that manages to delight anyhow.

Things pick up with Ally (Anna Faris) dumping her boyfriend, getting fired, dealing with her overbearing mother, and realizing she's had the most sexual partners (2...

Review: 'Dolphin Tale' A Whale Of A Time For Kiddies

9/23/2011 5:00pm EDT
A Dolphin Tale
Do me a favor, locate your local corporate coffee shop chain and nab five sugar packets. Thanks. I'd like you to go ahead and pour all those sugar packets down your throat simultaneously. Okay, so, how's that feel? Weird right? The combination of guilt because you're a dirty, dirty thief, and sweetness overload from the sugar packets, is about the same the feeling you leave “A Dolphin Tale” with.

“A Dolphin Tale” is a sugary sweet family friendly tale that isn't going to rock your world. There's no inspirational soundtrack like with "Free Willy" or an adorable puppy that does cute puppy t...

Review: 'Drive' Steers Clear Of Movie Cliches By Shifting Into High Gear

9/17/2011 12:12pm EDT
“Drive” is a point blank shotgun blast to your dome. This is not a metaphor. About a half hour into “Drive”, the audience (and myself) started questioning what exactly Director Nicolas Winding Refn was attempting to accomplish by putting all this pesky exposition in an action movie. Then second act of the movie kicks in with a literal point-blank shotgun blast to the dome, and does not let up. It's jarring how unexpectedly graphically violent this film is. The blood and violence arrives quickly and doesn't stop flowing until the credits. Once Ryan Gosling's character is in the sh*t, he's i...

Review: 'Warrior' A Wimper, Not A Roar

9/7/2011 1:00pm EDT
So a previously violent and drunken wrestling coach, a soldier with undiagnosed PTSD, and a high school science teacher walk into a MMA tournament. I'll let you write the punchline. But if you're watching the 2011 testosterone-o-rama “Warrior” the joke's on you.

We open with Tom Hardy (of “Inception” fame) juggling a variety of not-particularly-well-explained-to-the-audience demons, the most distracting of which appears to be irritable switching accent syndrome. We know he's troubled because he's wearing a dark hoodie and drinking from a can inside of a paper bag.

He happens to be jugglin...

'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' Is A Good Old Fashioned Raunchy Comedy

9/1/2011 7:35pm EDT
Fez's aren't Indian, but that's ok.
If the title "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" alone doesn't grab you, odds are no one is grabbing you (in the good way) period, and this movie isn't for you. But if it did and someone does, I'd check it out.

And, if it wasn't for all the sex and nudity and orgies (okay, only one orgy), I'd probably recommend “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” for the entire family. Or at least for entire groups of (close) friends.During a summer in which a romantic comedy made audiences seriously think about Alzheimers, and a silly fighting movie reminded us of the dangers of domestic and child abuse, it's about damn ...

'5 Days of War' Is More Like A 2 Hour Guilt Trip.

9/1/2011 11:44am EDT
Five Days of War
5 Days of War wants to be Shindler's List so bad it hurts. No really. It hurts. I legitimately got whiplash from throwing my head back in my chair in frustration over just how emotionally manipulative this movie was. From the word go we have Steven Spielberg's classic to thank for the following scenes in 5 Days of War:

Appropriately ethnic music playing over scenes of horrible destruction that occur during a grand family celebration. A heated tête-à-tête between a civilian and a millitary commander. A post credits memorial scene in which tearful families list of names of relatives lost in ...

Review: 'Attack The Block' Is A Delightful Assault On The Senses.

7/28/2011 8:23pm EDT
Attack the Block
What I liked about “Attack the Block” was that it was happy to have fun within it's genre without making fun of the genre itself. “Shaun of the Dead” (which was from the same producers) for example, was a parody of Zombie movies, kidding them right up to the Zombie-bludgeoning-set-to-Queen-dance-number. “Attack the Block” is a funny movie about a very serious alien invasion. It’s a slight difference, but it changes everything.

We open in the ghetto of London as a woman walks home from work late at night, and is promptly mugged by a bunch of teenage thugs, lead by Moses (John Boyega). Right...

Review: 'Friends With Benefits' More Like A Pen Pal

7/22/2011 2:00pm EDT
Flash Mob
Ahhhh, the illusive friend with benefits. Desired by many, possessed by few. Lets face it, unless you’re a professional athlete, government official, or Oprah, finding a woman willing to sleep with you sans an emotional commitment will come with so much extra baggage that even Southwest would charge a fee. “Friends with Benefits” takes this perspective as two people who seemingly have everything they could possibly want including looks, money, jobs, and confidence complain dating is just so darn difficult that they'd rather just have sex no strings attached.

It helps that these two people ...

Go Right By 'The Art Of Getting By' When Considering Next Movie.

7/5/2011 11:38pm EDT
Blair Underwood wonders why he's in this movie. I do too.
“The Art of Getting By” is a movie that’s playing at your local AMC Theater as an Indie attraction. AMC brings these movies to theaters every now and then to give general audiences a chance to see something a little different from exploding robots, pirates, and wizarding teenagers. I would have rather walked the plank.

The flick is about George (Freddie Highmore), an underachieving high school senior who has stopped doing his homework. The movie (sorry, film) starts with a monologue about how everyone is going to die someday, and that really trying or living or succeeding is a moot point, ...

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Is Bad In The Best Way Possible.

6/29/2011 10:09pm EDT
So, let it be known that "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is a colossal failure as a film. Huge. There are plot holes and time line inconsistencies and sometimes entire characters are completely forgotten until the script calls on them to save and or ruin the day. Megatron, the main villian of the entire blessed franchise, disappears for 20 minutes during the end of the flick for crying out loud!

There is no subtext or context or things to ponder or discuss. You won't come away from this film culturally enriched, feeling like a better person, or with anything positive to say about the mes...