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'Bones' 9.3 And 'NCIS' 11.2: Sweets and Ziva

October 2nd, 2013 4:06pm EDT | Paul Levinson By: Paul Levinson favorite Add to My News

John Francis Daley in Bones

What do Lance Sweets and Ziva David have in common, you might ask?  Certainly Ziva has never made an appearance on Bones - she's not even on the same network.  But Sweets and Ziva both took leaves from their respective shows this week - Sweets from Bones, Ziva from NCIS - and both series will likely be poorer for it.

The exits of both were handled very well. Sweets wants to work in a precinct of psychology that doesn't entail shooting guns and grilling suspects.   Ziva is put in touch with how every bad person she kills - however justified - leaves innocent loved ones grieving.  In both stories, the departing character could have decided to stay, after all, but instead insisted on leaving.

Cote de Pablo-AES-090963.jpgIt's a measure of how far television has evolved that neither character was killed.   Leaving a show by way of the morgue was the time-honored mode of exit on television.  In this more humane age of television, either character can return, if only for a brief appearance.

This is not the first time a major character has left these shows.  Zack Addy's departure from Bones is still being felt.  Although I enjoy the rotating interns, none has so far been as compelling as Addy. Kaitlin was cruelly killed on NCIS - by Ziva's brother Ari, which had a role in Ziva's departure last night.   Ziva became Caitlin's replacement, and although Caitlin was good, Ziva was much better.

But I doubt that the replacements for Sweets and Ziva will be as memorable as these two characters.   Sweet had a unique - well, sweetness and humanity - and Ziva had a refreshing toughness.

Why are characters taken off shows?  Sometimes it's a decision the producers, other times the actor wants to go someplace else.   In the case of Sweets and Ziva, the departures were apparently their decision.

Farewell, you two.  I hope to see you somewhere on the screen before too long.

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