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'Dexter' 8.10: Watch Out, Buenos Aires

Paul Levinson Paul Levinson
9/9/2013 9:01am EDT


Just two more episodes of Dexter left after tonight's 8.10, and we learned all kinds of things -

  • Dexter wants to go to Argentina with Harrison and Hannah.   This is indicative not only of Dexter wanting to save Hannah, but wanting to be with her, and live the semblance of a normal life.  But it won't be easy - with Daniel Vogel a danger on the one hand, and Marshall Cooper, who doesn't miss a beat, hunting Hannah on the other.
  • One person who won't be a threat to Dexter's plans for a happier future is Deb - not only has she thoroughly bought into the idea of Dexter and Hannah being together, she's lying her best - to Cooper - to make it happen.  Believable?  I think so -  Deb is coming to realize that Dexter far away is the best way she can move to a more normal life.
  • Good to see Deb and Quinn getting together.  The only reason Deb broke it off with him in the first place is she knew that Quinn would learn about Dexter sooner or later if Deb and Quinn continued together. But with Dexter in Argentina, that would no longer be a problem.
  • Angel, though one of my favorite supporting characters on this show, talks too much.  He talks too much to Cooper, and talks too much to Dr. Vogel.  Just saying.
  • And here I've got to admit I was wrong about Vogel - including right up until the time that Daniel slits her throat and kills her.  I was pretty sure that Vogel was luring Dexter to where she was so Daniel could get the drop on Dexter.   It's a measure of how well this season has been plotted that this is at least the second time a person who was acting suspiciously turns out to be a victim - and, in both cases, killed by the same person, Daniel.  My apologies, Dr. Vogel.  RIP.

So where does this leave us?  The coming attractions tell us Dexter and Hannah make it to the airport. Will they board the plane with Harrison and make it to Argentina?

My guess is we won't find out until the very last moment of the series.

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Photo Credits: CBS Broadcasting Inc.