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Most Embarassingly Stupid Celebrity Tweets

Patrick Hyland Patrick Hyland
12/23/2012 11:10am EST

Most Embarassingly Stupid Celebrity Tweets

Ever see a Tweet and just... shake your head? You might think to yourself quietly 'I can't believe they just said that.' It's bad enough when it's your friends. But it's worse when it's someone the world sees, every day. With the recent popularity of Social Media skyrocketing, and people subscribing to follow celebrities' every move, it's easier than ever to be an embarassment to your country and humanity as a whole.

So, courtesy of Starpulse, we present to you, the top ten most mind-numbingly stupid celebrity Tweets. Essentially, your daily dose of stupid in 140 characters (or less.)

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Photo Credits: Sam Sharma/Miguel Aguilar,; PR Photos