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This German Shepherd Did An Incredible Thing For His Family

4/27/2016 8:51am EDT
Hero German Shepherd Helps Firefighters Rescue Two & Four-Year-O
During a fire at a Longwood, Fla., home on Monday, a family dog helped rescue two small children at his home.

Maxx, a German Shepherd, "is credited with assisting firefighters through the heavy smoke to the location of each of the two children," reported the Seminole County Sheriff in a press release.

The family members are currently in stable condition and include Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Investigator and Army National Guard member Margo Feaser, her husband, and their two-year-old daughter and four-year-old son.

Maxx is being treated for smoke inhalation at a local veterinary cl...

Mama Cat Nurses Orphaned Chihuahua

4/26/2016 11:22am EDT
Orphaned Baby Chihuahua Is Being Raised By A Cat
A baby chihuahua named Bobby has a cat to thank for giving him a second chance at life. Bobby's mother was struck and killed by a car when he was just two days old, and his chances of survival were low.

The Michigan Humane Society had the unique vision to pair Bobby up with mama cat Gwen, who was already nursing several kittens.

Gwen had no problem accepting Bobby as one of her own, and the mixed family is currently living in a foster home and receiving specialized care. The group is being socialized and receiving a lot of love from those around them.

When the puppy and kittens are hea...

Doing This One Surprising Thing Makes Your Dog Stressed & Anxious

4/26/2016 9:57am EDT
Dogs Really Don't Like Hugs, Study Finds
Dogs really hate being hugged, and this simple act of kindness makes them anxious and stressed, new research finds. Dogs are made for swift running, and the act of immobilizing them can be very scary.

According to a study in Psychology Today by Stanley Coren, dogs express their discontent in a variety of ways. In addition to baring their teeth, they may turn their heads away from whatever is bothering them or close their eyes. Other signs of anxiety are lowering of the ears, lip licking or licking a person's face.

Coren and his colleagues randomly collected 250 photos from Google and Fl...

Waiter Does Incredible Thing For Disabled Customer

4/26/2016 9:28am EDT
Waiter helps man
A waiter in Douglasville, Ga., showed some compassion over the weekend by helping a man with no hands eat his lunch at the Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill.

The kind deed was captured on Facebook by user Reginald Widener and has since gone viral.

"So I'm at cinco de mayo and Alex (server) had a man come in with no hands. So Alex is now helping the man eat his lunch. This seriously hit me right in the soul. Still good ppl in the world," he wrote.

Alex Ruiz, 22, spent more than 30 minutes helping the customer, according to CBS News.

Widener said of the waiter, "He had a smile on his face the e...

Yellow Lab Dies In Line Of Duty After Rescuing Earthquake Victims

4/26/2016 8:53am EDT
Hero dog
A yellow Labrador named Dayko is being lauded for his rescue efforts following an earthquake in Ecuador on April 16. The four-year-old canine died on Friday from heatstroke after saving several people from the rubble.

Dogs don't sweat like humans, so it was difficult for Dayko to regulate his temperature. A veterinarian and leader of the canine unit attempted to save the canine, but he succumbed to a massive coronary myocardial infarction and acute respiratory failure.

Dayko received several national and international certifications and was a member of the City of Ibarra Fire Departmen...

Toddler Blames Caped Crusader For Scribbling On Mom's Mirror

4/25/2016 1:09pm EDT
A little boy in Scotland did a bad thing and blamed his actions on a superhero.

Noel Hopkins from Inverness was caught red handed after his mother, Laura, discovered someone had smeared lipstick all over a mirror in their house.

When mom asked who was responsible for the deed, the bespectacled little boy blamed a popular caped crusader.

"Noel, who drew on mommy's mirror?" she prodded.

"I don't know," Noel said innocently.

"Was it you?"


"Who was it?"


Of course! Who else would it be?

YouTube users are entranced by the video.

"Between the glasses and the accent, I ...

Study Finds That Widows Are Happier & Healthier Than Their Married Counterparts

4/25/2016 10:49am EDT
There Are Some Surprising Advantages To Being A Widow, Study Fin
Marriage may not be as good for a woman's health as originally thought, according to new research.

A study by the University of Padova and the National Research Council’s Institute of Neuroscience in Italy finds widows were about 23 percent less likely to be frail than married women.They had lower risk of heart attack and depression and had an increased chance of surviving cancer.

Researchers collected data from 1,887 men and women over the age of 65 in northern Italy for at least four years, reports the New York Post.

While men benefited from marriage because of household management and...

Eating Junk Food Won't Harm Your Heart? Well...

4/25/2016 10:15am EDT
Good News, Junk Food Lovers: Study Finds Fried Foods & Desserts
Modest consumption of junk food won't harm your heart if you eat largely a Mediterranean diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, according to researchers from the University of Auckland.

Researchers found that people who stuck mostly to a Mediterranean diet but who ate one or two portions of chips, candy, soda, or red meat still had a lower risk of heart problems and stroke.

Healthy foods appear to have a protective effect when it comes to eating junk food, reports The Telegraph.

Professor Ralph Stewart, from Auckland City Hospital, University of Auckland, New Zea...

British Man Plays Enchanting Music On Abandoned Piano

4/25/2016 9:10am EDT
Worker Discovers An Abandoned Piano At A Recycling Center & Then
A video of a British man playing a piano at a waste and recycling center in North East England has gone viral.

Max Sinclair recorded Glen Akenclose over the weekend as he sat on an old washing machine and played the instrument while wearing his bright colored uniform.

Thousands of people have viewed his performance on social media, and a campaign to save the instrument from the landfill has since been started, reports A group called "Save The Howdon Piano" was also created on Facebook.

The video was taken in North Tyneside.

One person commented: "Don't know why someone would ti...

A Georgia Teacher's Response To Prince's Death Goes Viral

4/22/2016 10:07am EDT
Student Posts Video Of Teacher Breaking Down After Hearing About
A teacher at Banneker High School in College Park, Ga., was notably heartbroken after he heard about Prince's death on Thursday.

One of Matthew Patterson's students posted a video of him taking off his glasses, putting his head in his hands and holding back some tears as he projected a video of "Purple Rain" onto the classroom wall.

Twitter user Diamond captioned the clip, "When my teacher found out Prince died."

She later added, "he is a really cool guy and an amazing teacher."

Patterson told the NY Daily News that after he learned of the musician's death he "talked about what Prince m...