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Abandoned Foal Bonds With Giant Teddy Bear

5/19/2016 10:18am EDT
Orphaned Baby Horse Is Comforted By Giant Teddy Bear Companion
A foal named Charli Promise was abandoned earlier this month, but her life has been made substantially better after she was given a giant stuffed animal as a companion.

The baby horse was found near the warm springs of an Indian reservation in Oregon when she was just one week old. She was weak, thin and covered in bruises.

She was treated at the Bend Equine Medical Center before being sent to the 3 Sisters Equine Refuge, a non-profit organization run by volunteers who take care of at-risk horses.

No one knows what happened to Charli Promise, but she finds comfort in her stuffed bear -...

Airports Use Dogs To Calm Travelers Who Face Long Lines, Miss Flights

5/18/2016 9:35am EDT
Airports Are Using Therapy Dogs (& Horses!) To Calm Stressed-Out
Flying has been particularly frustrating in recent weeks as passengers have been forced to endure long security lines due to a shortage of TSA workers. Some airports are trying to alleviate the tension by entertaining travelers with animals and performances.

And although these measures aren't cutting down lines, they are offering a distraction.

Puppies, horses, and clowns are just some of the things airports have employed to cut down on the stress.

New York's LaGuardia Airport is using therapy dogs as a calming mechanism, while LAX has introduced the Pets Unstressing Passengers program...

Celebs Sport This Summer's It Hairstyle

5/18/2016 9:13am EDT
This Summer's It Hairstyle: Icy Blonde Locks
Bottled blondes are back in style. Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart and singer Taylor Swift have all recently sported chin-length, icy blonde hair.

While the stars look great, it's not an easy look to achieve and requires a lot of upkeep.

Although you can always dye your hair yourself, experts recommend using a professional hair dresser, who can pick the correct products to alter your natural hair color. Hair pros will also likely use a toner to get that gorgeous, icy look.

If you decide to go for it, be aware that you'll need to touch up your roots every three weeks and...

Why Is This Photo Going Viral?

5/17/2016 10:42am EDT
Astronaut's Viral Photo Of A Crack At The International Space St
Often asked if @Space_Station is hit by space debris. Yes – this chip is in a Cupola window

— Tim Peake (@astro_timpeake) May 12, 2016

A photo of a tiny crack in the window of the International Space Station has gone viral. The space station has shutters that usually protect the glass, but the astronauts sometimes open them to take photos.

The chip, shown against the inky blackness of space, is just a quarter of an inch in diameter and was likely caused by a really tiny piece of space debris, such as a paint flake or small metal fr...

Australian Instagram Star Bullied For Being Tiny & Pregnant

5/17/2016 9:56am EDT
Australian Instagram Star And 'Fitness Junkie' Bullied For Being
Australian Instagram star Hannah Polites is the latest fitness model who is making headlines for sporting a very tiny baby bump. The midwife and self-described fitness junkie and fashion addict is six months pregnant but hardly looks like she's expecting.

She posted a photo on Monday wearing a green sports bra with yoga pants, which displayed her tiny tummy.

Polites has received a lot of criticism for her figure, with people accusing her of being unhealthy and accusing her of harming her unborn child.

She told Gold Coast Bulletin: "It’s truly shocking to read some of the comments regardi...

Exercise Lowers Cancer Risk, Study Finds

5/17/2016 8:42am EDT
Exercise lowers cancer risk, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association's JAMA Internal Medicine.

Researchers analyzed cancer study data from dozens of studies performed in the United States and Europe and compared people who exercised the most to those who exercised the least.

On average, people who exercised did two and a half hours of moderate exercise, such as walking, each week. This is the average for U.S. residents.

Steven Moore of the National Cancer Institute, who led the study, said the biggest exercisers did about one hour of brisk wa...

Surfer Does Amazing Trick During Competition

5/16/2016 2:45pm EDT
Surfboard backflip
Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina performed the first ever competition backflip on a surfboard over the weekend. He scored a perfect 10 for his trick in round two of the Oi Rio Pro.

One person commented on YouTube: "That's extremely difficult to do... only flips I can manage are pearling on the wrong board for the conditions."

Another added, "That's so sick!" writer Matt Pruett described it: "It was just shy of a bona fide, vertical-axis backflip, but way beyond an inverted double-grab f/s three. Sh-t, we’ll go ahead and call it a 'flip,' since Medina regularly pulls these th...

Universal Orlando's 'Skull Island: Reign Of Kong' Has A New Video Teaser

5/16/2016 11:20am EDT
Excitement Builds For Universal Orlando's New Ride, 'Skull Islan
Universal Orlando just released a new making-of video and images from its upcoming ride, "Skull Island: Reign Of King," which is launching this summer.

Fans are thrilled with the one-minute, 20-second clip, which features Mike West of Universal Creative revealing some tidbits about the attraction.

YouTube users expressed their excitement with comments such as, "THE KING IS BACK!!!! I knew it that they would go old school again!" "OML [Oh My Lord]," "Holy sh-t," and "FINALLY."

One jokester added, "Please have banana breath, please have banana breath."

The 3-D ride will feature a three-...

Biker Finds Injured Stray Cat & Then THIS Happens

5/16/2016 10:22am EDT
A video featuring a motorcyclist rescuing a stray cat is the sweetest thing you'll watch today.

A self-described motovlogger based out of Georgia who goes by the name PistnRods was riding down a back road a couple of weeks ago when he encountered an orange tabby lying down in the middle of the road.

The cat was in obvious distress and panting but allowed the biker to pick him up and put him in the grass.

Without water or food to help the feline, PistnRods decided to do something rash -- he tucked the cat in his jacket, got on his motorcycle, and rode home to seek help.

The rider wasn't ...

Fisherman Makes Shocking Catch

5/16/2016 9:46am EDT
Australian Fisherman Catches Cod With Live Snake In Its Mouth
An Australian fisherman got quite a surprise when he reeled in his catch and found a live snake in the cod's mouth.

Last month, Andy Warton, 44, was fishing around Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands when he made the discovery.

A video of the catch features Warton exclaiming, "This is a cod and it's got a snake in its mouth... He's just eaten it!"

He called the incident "incredible" and then released both the snake and the fish back into the water.

A lot of people were puzzled that the fisherman removed the fish's meal before throwing them back into the ocean.

One person commented, ...