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Does Emma Watson Have A New Beau?

11/24/2015 9:58am EST
Emma Watson Romance Rumor: 'Harry Potter' Actress Spotted Being
Emma Watson is one of the world's hottest single stars, but she may not be single anymore. The 25-year-old actress was recently spotted on a date with a mystery man in New York City.

A source told the New York Post gossip column Page Six, "They were laughing and super flirty. There were no seats for them at the bar, and when a woman recognized the Harry Potter star she offered up both her seat and her husband's... Emma politely declined and thanked her. They sat down at a communal table, there was no problem sitting with others."

The English star was most recently linked to actor Robert ...

Check Out 'The Discovery Of King Tut' Exhibition

11/23/2015 11:57am EST
'The Discovery Of King Tut' Exhibition In NYC Is A Worthwhile Wa
What exactly is The Discovery Of King Tut exhibition in New York City? Visitors are treated to a recreation of King Tutankhamun's tomb as well as hundreds of reproduction artifacts that explorer Howard Carter and his team discovered when they opened the 3,000-year-old tomb back in 1922.

Before going to the exhibition I was a bit skeptical, knowing that no original treasures would be on display. I feared it would look fake. However, the reproductions are impressive. Though perhaps not as awe-inspiring as the originals, they are detailed and presented in such a manner that the exhibit is def...

Goldie Hawn Is About To Do Something Shocking

11/23/2015 9:57am EST
Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who met in 1983 and have been dating for 30 years, are reportedly finally getting married, according to a family insider. The pair is expected to tie the knot near their ranch in Aspen, CO, in the new year.

A "friend" of the couple told Britain's Daily Express: "It's going to be cowboy hats, horses and rock 'n' roll. All their relatives are thrilled that they have at last decided to tie the knot."

The source claims that their son, actor and former professional hockey player Wyatt Russell, will be the best man.

Over the weekend, Hawn celebrated her 70th birt...

Nat Geo WILD's 10 Days Of Thanksgiving Begins Thursday, Sept. 26

11/23/2015 7:04am EST
What To Watch On Thanksgiving: Nat Geo WILD's Disneynature Marat
Nat Geo WILD is celebrating 10 days of Thanksgiving, kicking off Thursday, Nov. 26, with a Disneynature marathon featuring "heartwarming and inspiring films."

Geoff Daniels, general manager and executive vice president, Nat Geo WILD, commented: "This year we are giving our viewers a special treat: 10 days celebrating the best of WILD including a one-of-a-kind interactive live safari experience, plus a feast of extraordinary and entertaining wildlife stories that take place from the depths of the oceans to the tops of our most majestic mountains."

Take a fascinating voyage through awesome ...

Rose McGowan Drastically Changes Her Look

11/21/2015 9:00am EST
Rose McGowan Shaves Her Head, And It Feels 'Liberating'
Rose McGowan debuted a new look this week -- a shaved head. The actress, 42, posted a video of herself getting the buzz on Instagram with the caption: "I don’t want it anymore #rebelyell #everythingisart."

The actress has sported short hair for quite some time but apparently was ready for something new.

In a separate photo she wrote: "No hair don’t care. Honestly, it’s liberating."

The former "Charmed" star made headlines earlier this week after claiming that Caitlyn Jenner didn't really understand what it is like to be a woman.

No hair don't care. Honestly, it's liberating.

A photo ...

Adele Is Definitely Thinner These Days But Doesn't Aspire To Be A Size Zero

11/19/2015 10:23am EST
Adele Shows Off Noticeably Thinner Figure In NYC & London
English singer Adele, whose new single "Hello" is a massive hit, is looking noticeably thinner these days, and she credits exercise for her new sleek look.

She told the latest issue of Rolling Stone that exercise has helped her drop several pounds -- but she's not exactly thrilled about working out.

"It’s not to be a size zero or anything like that, I mainly moan. I’m not skipping to the f--king gym, I don’t enjoy it," she revealed.

"I do like doing weights. I don't like looking in the mirror. Blood vessels burst on my face easily so I'm so conscious when I'm lifting weights not to let ...

Anne Hathaway Sticks Up For Syrian Refugees

11/17/2015 11:42am EST
Anne Hathaway Praises States That Are Willing To Accept Syrian R
Anne Hathaway is one of the supporters behind a campaign to allow Syrian refugees into the United States. More than half of the governors from the 50 states have declared that they don't want any refugees in their states in the wake of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

In September, President Obama announced that America would allow 10,000 refugees from Syria to settle in the states in order to help its European allies, which are being flooded with people from the war-torn country.

Governors from Washington, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware and Hawaii a...

Update On Lamar Odom's Condition: Outlook Not Good

11/17/2015 8:51am EST
Lamar Odom's Condition Is Worse Than It Seems: Athlete Doesn't R
Earlier this week, Khloe Kardashian revealed that her husband Lamar Odom doesn't know why he's in the hospital, and no one is giving him details about the event that led up to his condition.

Odom was rushed to the hospital on Oct. 13 after he was found unconscious at a brothel near Las Vegas.

“We tell him he had a brain injury, but I can’t tell him about how that brain injury was caused because it will set him back,” the reality star said, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. “He’s really confused a lot so we have to remind him. Every day is different.”

Meanwhile, according to, ...

Tom Hanks' Paris Film Premiere Canceled

11/14/2015 9:33am EST
Bridge Of Spies
Fox executives have canceled the Paris premiere of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's new movie, "Bridge Of Spies," in response to Friday's terrorist attacks in the French capital. The screening was scheduled to take place on Sunday.

The Hollywood Reporter posted a statement from film executives, which reads: "In light of the tragedy in Paris, we have cancelled our scheduled film events. Further, we stand with the people of Paris and our thoughts go out to all those affected by these horrible events."

Spielberg was traveling from Berlin, Germany, to Paris when the attacks occurred. He was ...

Alan Arkin Released From Hospital Following 'Mini Stroke'

11/14/2015 8:11am EST
'Argo,' 'Little Miss Sunshine' Star Alan Arkin 'Fine' After Suff
Actor Alan Arkin, known for films including "Argo" and "Little Miss Sunshine," was forced to miss the premiere of his new film, "Love The Coopers," on Thursday after suffering a stroke.

The star had a "mini stroke" on Monday and was hospitalized. Publicist Melody Korenbrot said that he was released from the hospital the next day.

A source told that doctors did not find any significant damage.

The 81-year-old's representative told "He had a mini stroke, but he is just fine and his usual self."

He was back to reading scripts on Friday.

Arkin is also known for film...