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Olympus Has Fallen is a super patriotic Die Hard with Gerard Butler

Nicholas Greenwood Nicholas Greenwood
8/15/2013 8:07pm EDT


Olympus Has Fallen is the most Die Hard movie since Die Hard With A Vengeance. Throw in a little Air Force One in there for good measure. Shake it all up and you’ve got this movie. Basically the a North Korean is pissed at America (cause, when are they not) and decides to take a specialized military group to invade and take over the White House. They kidnap the President, cause that’s a good idea, and a bunch of other members of the government and hold them hostage. That’s about it.

Replace Bruce Willis with Gerard Butler, replace the German’s with North Korea and you’ve got the basis of the movie. There’s no “Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fucker” but that’s okay because Gerard Butler literally stabs at least two men to death in the movie.

Morgan Freeman is a far better president (even if he’s just the acting President while the actual President is held hostage) than Danny Glover ever was in that god-awful 2012 movie.

If you’re looking for a very pro-America, lots of violence and explosions, even stabbing!, swearing, and Gerard Butler (he’s even shirtless in one scene!), this is the movie for you. There’s nothing more, nothing less. The plot is hard to believe, I mean, I can’t imagine the American military being that completely incompetent. There’s a point where the Secretary of Defense, played by Melissa Leo, who is criminally underused in this movie, starts saying the Pledge of Allegiance while being dragged along when she thinks she’s going to be killed. It’s fairly laughable and yet patriotic.

It’s pretty obvious that about 90% of the movie is all CGI, the other 9% is bullet casings with 1% human actors. Aaron Eckhart plays the President and he’s pretty good at it, he’s not as curmudgeonly as Harrison Ford in Air Force One but he’s not a coward, he’s kind of like Bill Pullman in Independence Day, complete with big speech at the end and all.

Have a few beers (better be American, I suggest Boston Lager by Sam Adams, nothing says America like a beer named after one of our founding father’s/patriots) and wear your most American of clothes. In fact, watch it while draped in an American flag with a bald eagle sitting next to you and enjoy the shit out of the movie.

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