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'Despicable Me' Minions Are Getting Their Own Film

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Despicable Me

Minions: Everybody wants some. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a bunch of minions at your beck and call, ready and waiting to carry out your every whim? It's like having the world's best personal assistant, only better.

Well, you might not have minions, but luckily for everyone, Universal is happy to share theirs, as according to Deadline, the studio is teaming with Illumination Entertainment to create a spinoff from "Despicable Me" featuring those loveable little yellow goofballs. 

Of course, it's also true that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. And that certainly has to be a worry considering that "Despicable Me 2" is already en route to theaters, with the ads for the July 3, 2013, release featuring nothing but minions.

Still, Universal seems confident that the world has a high tolerance for hilarious hijinks from little Twinkie people who speak entirely in gibberish, which is why they are planning to release the minions movie just a year later. And while it will likely have some of "Despicable Me"'s supporting cast in it, the focus will be entirely on the minions and their unique culture, such as it is.

Hey, you know what they say: The minions shall inherit the Earth. Looks like the 99 percent are finally getting their just due on the big screen.

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