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Now Let's Cast The 'Justice League' Movie

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Justice League

For superhero fans, there's only one thing in this world that could possibly be more exciting than "The Avengers": a Justice League movie. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of DC Comics' legendary heroes, all in one film? Superhero nirvana.

With "The Avengers" blasting away box office records, that dream may finally become a reality. So we thought now would be the perfect time to reveal our dream cast for "The Justice League."  Because someone needs to assemble these heroes, and it might as well be us. 

Batman James Franco

Christian Bale has already announced he's done with the Bat suit, so Warner Bros. will be searching for a new Bruce Wayne to serve as the strategic mind behind the Justice League. Batman needs to be both cerebral and violently physical, emotionally withdrawn but wracked with buried demons. We know just the guy: James Franco. Think about it, and we have a feeling the idea will grow on you.

Superman Joe Manganiello

Brandon Routh did a masterful job of imitating Christopher Reeve in 2006's "Superman Returns," but he was dumped in favor of Henry Cavill for the upcoming reboot "Man of Steel." If the studio opts to find another new Superman for "The Justice League," though, we have a replacement: Joe Manganiello, the hunky werewolf on "True Blood." He's classically trained, too, with a degree from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Let the fanfic begin.

Wonder Woman Gina Carano

Of all the heroes in the Justice League, Wonder Woman is by far the hardest to cast, which might explain why we still haven't seen a solo movie for her (seriously, get on it, Warner Bros.!). Wonder Woman needs to be a strong, tough Amazonian warrior while also being beautiful, wise and empathetic. And she needs to be able to hold her own against Superman and Batman. No problem, right? "Haywire" star Gina Carano has the look and the fighting skills, but does she have the acting chops? Considering the last big name rumored for the role was Megan Fox, we're guessing that's not number one on the studio's list of priorities.

Green Lantern Omar Epps

You can pretty much scratch Ryan Reynolds off the list, as nobody on Earth wants to be reminded of the train wreck that was last year's "Green Lantern" solo film. So instead of Reynolds playing Hal Jordan, we'd cast someone like Omar Epps as fellow Green Lantern John Stewart -- who has been extensively featured in DC's line of cartoons -- instead.

The Flash Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Okay, we're going to think a little outside the box on this one. Considering Flash is a runner, we don't think the typical muscleman look is right; whoever plays Wally West should be slender and wiry instead. With that in mind, we'd love to see what Joseph Gordon-Levitt could do with the role. And if for some reason Warner Bros. decides to go with the Silver Age version of Flash? Well, Guy Pearce is pretty much a dead ringer for Barry Allen. Two for the price of one casting!

Aquaman Chris Pine

Sorry, "Entourage" fans, but let's get serious for a minute. Sure, Aquaman gets mocked a lot on the Internet because of his fish-based powers, but it just wouldn't be the Justice League without him. We need someone who can make Aquaman seem cool, sexy and serious, while still retaining a sense of humor about his orange tights. That all adds up to one man: "Star Trek"'s Chris Pine.

The Martian Manhunter Tom Hardy

While some of the green alien's shape-changing abilities would be accomplished through CGI, much of will need to be done by someone who is physically powerful, can portray high intelligence and is comfortable being buried under tons of makeup and costuming. All of which makes Tom Hardy, who has done both shape-changing (in "Inception") and the whole superhero costume thing (in the upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises") before. We can't think of a better J'onn J'onzz.

Cyborg Dayo Okeniyi

Fans of the Cartoon Network hit "Teen Titans" may be surprised to see Cyborg on our list, but in DC Comics' recent reboot of their superhero universe, Cyborg was bumped up to the big leagues as a member of the Justice League. He's still the youngest of the bunch, though, which is why we'd love to see Dayo Okeniyi -- who played Thresh in "The Hunger Games" -- get his own shot at the Hollywood big leagues.

Green Arrow and Black Canary Ben Foster / Michelle Williams

Given that "The Avengers" features Marvel doppelgangers Hawkeye and Black Widow, Warner Bros. may opt to leave out these two. But since Green Arrow has his own cult following (courtesy of "Smallville"), we think it would be a good move to include Oliver Queen and his one true lady love, Dinah Lance. Our picks? Ben Foster and Michelle Williams.

Photo Credits: Alex Ross/DC Comics, Getty Images courtesy NextMovie


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