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South Pacific Island Using 'Star Wars' Coins As Real Money

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"In God We Trust." "E Pluribus Unum." "May The Force Be With You."

Which of these slogans does not belong on a piece of currency? If you said the latter, you'd be wrong.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a tiny nation in the South Pacific with ties to New Zealand known as Niue (pronounced "nee-oo-ey") is now accepting "Star Wars" coins as legal tender. Seriously. 

When you imagine a man with a vast pop culture empire like George Lucas, with a personal net worth of $3.2 billion smackers, it was inevitable that he would eventually be able to mint his own money.

However, the "Lucasfilm Nation" is still a pipe dream on the drawing boards, since the coinage in question are actually part of a limited-edition collector's set of four one-ounce silver pieces which retail for $469 New Zealand dollars and come in a Darth Vader head. Each coin has a face value of only $2 dollars.

Individual silver coins will be going for $23.50 NZ and worth only $1 dollar a pop, so unless you're hell-bent on buying the most expensive can of Diet Dr. Pepper ever, you'd have to be some variety of crazy person to actually spend this stuff.

With these Pacific islanders bandying around Star Shekels it's only a matter of time before people in Wales start printing "Batman Bucks" or folks in Ireland start offering a "Harry Pot O' Gold."

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