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Luna Lovegood Actress Campaigns for Fair Trade Chocolate

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Evanna Lynch
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"Harry Potter" character Luna Lovegood seems to live in her own world, but the actress who plays her in the hit films is clearly focused on the Muggle world.

Evanna Lynch, who stars as the saucer-eyed Hogwarts student, has joined the Harry Potter Alliance "Not in Harry's Name" campaign to ensure that Harry Potter chocolate is not made by child slaves (or elves, for that matter).

“As an actor in the Harry Potter films and as a lifelong fan of the Harry Potter series, it would give me great satisfaction to know that chocolate sold in Harry’s name is consistent with the values in Harry Potter,” said Lynch. "If we do not act in a way that is moral toward cocoa farmers now by ensuring that chocolate is fair trade, we will all pay a price in the future.”

So what does Warner Bros. have to say?

Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer responded to the campaign — which has already garnered more than 15,000 signatures — in a letter to HPA Executive Director Andrew Slack “We welcome any specific information you have that would be contrary to our ethical sourcing activities.”


Would the "F" rating, based on comprehensive human rights criteria, which the International Labor Rights Forum gave to the company that sells Harry Potter Chocolate qualify?

We hope this shakes out soon, because one of the only things we like more than chocolate is chocolate made under the Fair Trade label... with Harry Potter on the wrapper.


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