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Paul Rudd Perfects the Lovable Moron in 'Our Idiot Brother' (Trailer)

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Whether he's playing the straightman to a band of wacky co-stars ("I Love You, Man," "Role Models") or the affable dunce ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall", "Anchorman"), Paul Rudd  is always exuding charisma. The actor would have to commit a fairly heinous crime for our love to even begin to wane -- he's that charming.

Now, Rudd will put his laid back allure to the test with his new movie "Our Idiot Brother," a family comedy about a all-around nice hippie who redefines Murphy's Law.  

After being arrested for dealing pot from his organic food stand, Rudd's Ned finds himself without a home, hopping from one family member's apartment to the next. Unfortunately, when he's with his sisters, everything that could go wrong, does go wrong.

The first trailer for the film has popped up on YouTube and it's Rudd working at 110%: goofy, fun-loving and on an entirely different planet then the rest of the world. "Our Idiot Brother," which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival (back when it was titled "My Idiot Brother") to generally favorable reviews, puts  Rudd in the middle of a bevy of known actresses, including Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer and Zooey Deschanel, who play Ned's sisters, plus Rashida Jones as Deschanel's girlfriend. The trailer gives Rudd plenty of room to crack jokes and dabble in slapstick, but also looks to intertwine the comedy with a ton of heart -- a sentiment echoed by those who caught it earlier this year.

Check out the trailer for "Our Idiot Brother," which hits theaters August 26.



Photo Credits: Big Beach Films


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