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'Jackass' Stars To Reassemble for 'Mustache Riders' & More

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People can't make sense of it, but America loves those "Jackass" guys.

With "Jackass 3-D" grossing around $117 million (and produced for only $20 mil), it's a no-brainer that Paramount, the studio behind the film, would go to great lengths to ensure that the boys come back for more.

According to Deadline, the studio is moving forward with two scripted projects that would keep some of the guys in house and give them a little time to beg Johnny Knoxville and the gang back for another round of comedic self-inflicted pain. 

While "The Ringer" didn't exactly do knock out business at the box office, Knoxville will once again try the headlining game in "First Man," a comedy about a reckless husband letting loose after his wife is appointed President of the United States. We would be shocked if Knoxville didn't find a way to throw himself down some stairs or break a precious, historical item over his head at some point in the movie.

The other project is "Mustache Riders," a script that's been cooking at the studio since 2008. The film, about three crooks who embark on a adventure for buried treasure, is being retooled for Knoxville and his "Jackass" cohorts Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, with country music legend Willie Nelson also up for a part. Again, the script is being tailored to include more stunts, reminding us that these are the guys we love watching hurt themselves.

There's no word on the other knuckleheads like Steve-O or Wee Man, but they may be waiting in the wings to reveal their own projects. Or taking a long nap before "Jackass 4."

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