"The Hobbit" is one of the most famous and beloved novels in the history of modern literature, so you would think that Peter Jackson and the folks behind the upcoming big budget adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein's seminal work wouldn't have to work too hard to come up with a title.

Apparently you would be wrong, because according to fansite TheOneRing.net, Jackson and New Line Cinema have just registered two brand new titles titles. And the new moniker?

"The Hobbit: Avatar 2." 

Okay, we're joking. Actually, the titles are "The Hobbit: There and Back Again" and "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," with the split being necessary due to the fact that Jackson is dividing the book into two films.

But which title goes to which half?

"There and Back Again" is the original subtitle of "The Hobbit" and is used by protagonist Bilbo Baggins within the story itself when he chronicles his adventures in helping a band of intrepid dwarves battle the dread dragon Smaug. So it makes sense for Jackson and New Line to use the title.

"An Unexpected Journey," on the other hand, seems to be a more fitting description of the first film, since the story begins with Bilbo essentially being drafted into service by the dwarves and their ally Gandalf the Grey. With that in mind, our guess is that "An Unexpected Journey" will be the subtitle for the first film, with "There and Back Again" reserved for the concluding charter when, you know, Bilbo actually gets there and comes back again.

Of course, with hype building to monumental proportions over the last seven years, they could pretty much call the film anything and it would still be a shoo-in for a billion dollars worldwide. Even if they called it "Gigli 2" we have a feeling fans would find their way into the theater. But it's cool that they have come up with some titles that are organic to the series, because we all know how those hardcore fanboys can get with these kinds of thing.

Under any other name, though, we still have a while to wait for "The Hobbit;" though production is already underway, the first installment isn't scheduled to hit theaters until December 19, 2012.

Photo Credits: TheOneRing.net


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