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9 Sexy Movie Aliens We'd Hook Up With

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I Am Number Four

Cinematic aliens, for the most part, like to sow terror once they arrive in our midst -- think of the acid-blooded "Aliens," the people-mulching tripods of "War of the Worlds," the uber-hunter in "Predator," and "Gerard Depardieu."

Aliens that do come in peace are usually too otherworldly to be compatible for romance -- no one wants to date "ET." But every now and then, a humanoid alien lands, looking hotter than the two suns over Tatooine, and we can't blame anyone for wanting to visit the dark side of the moon with them.

Starting with Alex Pettyfer's gorgeous extra-terrestrial in "I Am Number Four," here are nine movie aliens we'd definitely hook up with -- as long as we could stay alive afterwards. 

John Smith (Alex Pettyffer), 'I Am Number Four' (2011)

He's blond, broody, and has super-sexy scars. If that's not enough to make Pettyfer's Lorien-born "John Smith" an extraterrestrial teenage dream, he also has some useful skills -- he runs fast, jumps high, and shoots light beams from his hands. As Dianna Agron's small-town beauty discovers, Smith is also a brave, young gentleman. If only he didn't arrive with such baggage -- metalhead-looking sadistic aliens trying to kill him -- he'd be perfect.

Sil (Natasha Henstridge), "Species" (1995)

She's really a hybrid of alien and human DNA, but that's good enough for us. The ultimate femme fatale, Sil went through guy after guy looking for a suitable baby-alien-daddy. Those that didn't make the cut got cut -- like the guy Sil impaled with her tongue during a French kiss. Since some of us not-so-fondly remember our teen dates drooling over Sil, it's hard to find a better "hot alien" for this list.

Starman (Jeff Bridges), 'Starman' (1984)

Decades before he was The Dude or Rooster Cogburn, Bridges played an alien clone of a widow's (Karen Allen) recently deceased husband. He's tenderhearted (he resurrects a dead deer!) and has abs to rival Matthew McConaughey's. Though he never quite masters English, he catches on to the ways of human love in a twinkle of a star -- "I give you baby," he tells Allen after just one bout of intergalactic union.

Kitty (Tahnee Welch), 'Cocoon' (1985)

Tahnee is the daughter of legendary movie babe Raquel Welch, so, it's no surprise that she's irresistible to Steve Guttenberg's character, even if her body is just a shell disguising her inner alien. If you've never seen Ron Howard's awesome sci-fi tearjerker, let's just say you're missing one of the best inter-species love scenes ever. She peels off her skin, shows off her glowing alien life force, and makes Guttenberg a very happy man.

Superman (Brandon Routh), 'Superman Returns' (2006)

He had a big cape to fill, but Routh managed to make the Bryan Singer-directed Man of Steel a sexy superhero for a new generation of smitten moviegoers. Routh is a Doppelganger to the previous Superman, Christopher Reeve -- all broad shoulders and imposing height -- and let's face it, who wouldn't want a date who could whisk you into the air, undress you with his eyes and carry you off into the sunset -- literally.

Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), 'The Fifth Element' (1997)

Jovovich's Leeloo is an alien savior sent to help humanity for once, so she's not only hot, she's on our side. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she can kick pretty much anyone's butt and spends most of the film wearing what looks like three strategically placed ace bandages. Despite all the skin-bearing, she's more Neytiri than Sil, and that's a good thing, boys.

Princess Aura (Ornella Muti), 'Flash Gordon' (1980)

While Flash Gordon today is remembered largely for its campiness and Queen soundtrack, for boys of a certain age, Princess Aura brings back memories of the ultimate bad girl -- and not just because she's the daughter of the evil Ming the Merciless. Even though her royal sexiness had lovers stashed away in all corners of her planet, she tried to make room for one more, the titular football player and savior of the universe.

Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), 'Avatar' (2009)

You've heard the smurf jokes, watched the hilariously bawdy "SNL" sketch, perhaps even donned the sexy Halloween costumes. But even though Neytiri's blue and prefers doing things with her tail, she’s still beautiful enough for us to believe that Sam Worthington's Jake would fall for the warrior princess. So what if she's a completely CGI creation? She is partly modeled after the beautiful Saldana, after all.

Superman (Christopher Reeve), 'Superman' (1978)

In his prime, the late Reeve was a gorgeous, strapping man, whose azure eyes and jet-black hair perfectly embodied the Krypton-born Kal-El. Raised on Earth as Clark Kent, he transforms into Superman whenever Metropolis needs a hero. Even if he didn't have heat and X-ray vision, the gift of flight, and superhuman strength, the comic-book icon would still be quite the catch in his tights and tall boots. Lois Lane was quite the lucky lady.


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