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On the Set of…S U I T S!

Natasha Icliates Natasha Icliates
11/6/2013 8:52am EST

It’s official…we are having major Suits withdrawals. The final chunk of the third season resumes sometime in January…but don’t worry- we’ve been busy tracking the show in Toronto. Here are some pics from the set (on location at the Pearson/Specter offices).

Angry looking Mike Ross

Angry looking Mike Ross

Also, spoiler alert? According to one of my sources – Harold is on set and apparently there is some big argument that goes down between him and Louis.

A. It’s kind of weird that Harold has a major recurring role

B. Do you think it has something to do with Louis finding out about Mike’s secret?

That’s all we can assume…don’t forget to check out our pics!

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