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Hi, this Natalie. If I had to narrow down when I became addicted to pop culture and TV, hands down it would be when I tuned into dun-a-nun-a-nunt-na-na Beverly Hills 90210. I became obsessed with all things 90210 and carried that addiction over to other dramas and sitcoms. Parlaying my love of writing and TV watching with a blogging gig at MTV and entertainment and pop culture writer for Regal Magazine. You can follow me @forevergoode

‘Empire’ Season Two Finale Recap And Highlights: 'Past Is Prologue'

5/19/2016 8:48am EDT
'Empire' Season Two Finale Recap And Highlights: 'Past Is Prolog
Boo Boo Kitty plotted, planned, schemed and murdered—she really did have Rhonda tumbling down the grand staircase like Alice in a rabbit hole—to get the coveted (not really!) Mrs. Lucious Lyon title. Lucious branded her a Lyon, with the help of Andre the wedding officiator, when a caterer turned process server slipped Anika a subpoena to testify before a grand jury hearing against Lucious.

“Tariq the Freak” was putting so much extra pressure on the mom-to-be to snitch on Lucious that she nearly plunged off the ledge of Empire’s high rise. Cookie talked her down with the reminder she’s carr...

10 Jaw-Dropping Moments From 'Rise By Sin'

5/12/2016 9:36am EDT
The chickens really came home to roost in the penultimate “Empire” episode—“Rise by Sin”—that saw each Lyon’s action had an automatically shocking reaction from friends turned foe. As a result, [SPOILER ALERT] Jamal took a bullet for Lucious’ sins, the Feds probe Lucious even more with help from a reliable snitch and Leah Walker roams free. Be scared Lucious. Be. Very. Scared. Just like we were throughout last night’s whole episode that featured one jaw-dropping scene after another. Let’s countdown each one.

1. “He’s Always Been a Liar. A Bold-Faced Liar”

Ever since Leah surprised Luciou...

Empire Recap: Eat The Cake, Lucious Lyon

5/5/2016 10:24am EDT
Empire Recap: Eat The Cake, Lucious Lyon
I’m pretty safe in assuming Lucious won’t be running out to buy his mama the biggest gift basket this Sunday. Unless it’s filled with the missing bullets she forgot to load her gun with all those years ago. Leah Walker is certainly the wolf Lucious Lyon has every reason to be afraid of. She isn’t the only one masquerading as a sheep to get on a Lyon’s vulnerable side. There are several major threats hiding in plain sight in this episode. All leading up to the much-hyped “a Lyon will fall” promo heading into the season two finale. But first, let’s break down “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf” most ga...

'Empire' Recap: More Than Kin

4/28/2016 9:49am EDT
'Empire' Recap: More Than Kin
Lucious better scooch over to make room for Cookie on the Empire throne. You read that right. Empire is a shared kingdom now; Cookie and Lucious are co-CEOs of Empire—it’s the brainchild of the shareholders. After giving Hakeem the boot the shareholders weren’t completely sold on making Lucious sole CEO once again.

Instead of going the route of skinning their cats or blowing up their Bentleys to convince them otherwise, Cookie wanted to play the united family route. The only problem is the Lyons are as scattered as confetti on New Years’ Day. Andre suggests hosting an event for a worthy ca...

'Empire' 6 Shocking Moments From 'Time Will Unfold'

4/21/2016 9:04am EDT
So, that “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom” we’re forced to hear each week isn’t Mama Lucious’ pistol, it’s really Lucious taking shots at anyone that stands in the way of him ruling Empire. And his sons are very much included. Just as Hakeem is putting the finishing touches on his final PowerPoint slide presentation for the shareholders meeting—to convince them he’s a boss they want to keep around—Lucious sabotages every successful move he makes. Cookie tries to drive a major wedge between Jamal and Freda to protect her cub. Plus, Anika reveals the price the family has to pay for her carrying the Ly...

‘Empire’ Recap ‘The Tameness Of The Wolf’

4/13/2016 10:00pm EDT
Just when I was about to hit the snooze button on what seemed like an uneventful episode, “Empire” writers sucker-punched us with a twist none of us saw coming.

Hakeem is off the market, y’all. The youngest Lyon—who I’m pretty sure still can’t grow a mustache—is engaged to Laura. At the pace this romance is going Laura will be pregnant by the season finale and setting up playdates with Anika in season three of “Empire.” Before we start predicting how Boo Boo Kitty will stop the wedding (avoid grand staircases, Laura) let’s dive into this week’s episode “The Tameness of the Wolf.”

The Lyon...

Cookie And Lucious' 10 Best Ride-or-Die Moments

4/13/2016 12:00pm EDT
'Empire's' Cookie And Lucious' 10 Best Ride-or-Die Moments
Cookie and Lucious’ love/hate relationship on “Empire” tilts more than a seesaw during recess. When one is on top the other is feeling the weight of gravity. But there are rare occasions when they find a balance, those times are usually when they have no one to lean on but each other. Season Two of “Empire” has the ex’s offering each other a shoulder a lot lately, as they deal with one family crisis after another. But the family drama is nothing in comparison to the storms they’ve weathered together. Below are Cookie and Lucious’ best ride or die moments on “Empire,” thus far.

Boo Boo Kitt...

'Empire' Recap: 'A Rose By Any Other Name'

4/6/2016 10:00pm EDT
A Lyon is still a Lyon no matter what he used to be called—hence the episode’s title “A Rose by Any Other Name”—it will always manage to catch its prey and destroy it. The Lyon family is no different when it comes to bringing down cougar Camilla. They band together to show her who the real boss of Empire is.

For now, it’s Hakeem and he won’t let anyone forget it. During a press conference to introduce himself and family as the new dream team of Empire, he won’t even bring up Lucious, until Cookie (literally) knocks some sense into him. And announces Lucious isn’t curled up in a fetal posit...

It’s Life Or Death For The Lyons

3/30/2016 10:00pm EDT
It’s a new day at Empire and no one is feeling good. Lucious is still reeling from Hakeem’s betrayal, so holes up on his throne refusing to abdicate to the likes of cougar Camilla even with po-po as backup. Another person not backing down is Cookie. Hakeem should have known she’d be waiting up to give him a broom beat down. But Cookie was the one to get the shock when Hakeem refused to reverse his vote. Even when Cookie ditches the broom for her purse, lamp, wig, mink coat. It’s safe to say Taraji P. Henson’s sob-filled “change the vote” is our generation’s “no wire hangers”—Mommie Dearest,...

Lucious' Enemies List Grows

3/16/2016 5:00pm EDT
Lucious' Enemies List Grows In Season 2 Of 'Empire'
When it rains it pours. In Lucious’ case the sh!t storm is unrelenting. The clouds were never darker than when we last saw Lucious—Hakeem publicly betrayed him by voting to remove him as CEO of Empire. Then allied with cougar girlfriend Camilla to snatch “his birthright.” Doesn’t get much worse than that, right? I mean getting clawed in the back by your cub is a new low. Well, you’d be wrong, my friend. This is “Empire” after all and everyone loves to hate Lucious (can you blame us?). Including these new characters being introduced in season 2B of “Empire.”

Leslie “Shyne” Johnson (Xzibit...