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DL Hughley: Come Back Kid or The First to Go Home?

Melissa Unger
3/26/2013 6:53pm EDT

If you saw last week's Dancing with the Stars you know that DL Hughley finished at the bottom with a score of only 12 out of 30 for the first week of dancing competition. His score is one of the lowest scores in Dancing history, but before you cast him off, he does have one more chance, sorry I mean dance,  this coming week to redeem himself.

We got a glimpse into the stress that DL felt last week after being butchered by the judges for his poor performance in the cha cha cha. Bruno said, "you have terminated did the cha cha cha." While Carrie Ann Inaba said, "you need to go back to work and practice a little harder for next week," and practise hard is what DL and Cheryl Burke did. However, all the stress and anxiety of trying to land that perfect routine and make up for last week caught up to Cheryl and DL who ended up fighting.

DL joked that DWTS "went from a fun thing to Hunger Games in tights."  You could see the stress, exhaustion and the fear of disappointing the judges and thus being sent home on DL's face.  He  told Cheryl, "this s*** is not easy for me, " and argued with her about her choreography saying, "it is too much and too fast." DL just said, "I'm doing the best I can with this and I just got my ass whooped on national TV.  I'm not going through that again." But Cheryl stuck to her guns saying,  we need to show them a come back. DL latered joked that him and Cheryl " were doing a Whitney and Bobby impersonation for a little while."

Luckly the two put aside their differences in rehearsal to deliver home a nice dance. To which the judges who were impressed like Bruno said, "I can see that you worked really really hard on that and you know what you did --a good job." Carrie Ann also sung DL's praises, "I can see all the hard work you put in and you are on the right track you still have a long way to go but you're on the right track." 

The judges rewarded DL and Cheryl with a 16 for their quick step, which was actually better than Dorothy Hamilton's score for the evening, which was the lowest with a 15, but DL's and Cheryl's overall score only ended up being 28 out of 60 putting them far behind the rest of the pack. DL joking, " well I guess they used up all their 4's for last week."

So,  do you think DL deserves to be sent packing or do you think the viewer votes will save him?

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