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Fashion Star Gears Up for a New Season with a Few Changes

Melissa Unger
3/19/2013 6:45pm EDT

The new season of NBC’s reality fashion hit, “Fashion Star,” premieres March 8th. The “must-watch to must have” show that has contestants competing with each other to create the best clothes and have them purchased by a buyer from one of three stores while their designs are judged by the celebrity mentors, is rolling out a few new changes for its second season. The first notable change is the replacement of Elle McPherson with the shows new host television presenter and fashion journalist, Louise Roe.

We caught up with Louise Roe and the show’s executive producer Ben Silverman to find out what other changes are in store for season two. Silverman promises the new season is “even more competitive,” especially since he admitted to tweaking the show. Though  Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos are all back this season Silverman added, “we needed to get our mentors more heavily invested and connected to the process and also create a little bit of a dynamic between the buyers and the mentors.” So the big change this year is “the mentors actually have teams and are actively participating with specific designers week in, week out and giving them not only advice, but also working with them to try and lobby and get the stores to buy their products and their clothes.”

The buyers who are returning this season are Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as Express adding to the line up, instead of H & M. Also, unlike the previous season Louise Roe added viewers won’t have to “wait until the end of the show to … buy them [The clothes] at home as soon as the buyers buy them. She went on to say, “young women and men to be able to get their hands on something physically as their watching it. It’s just awesome.”

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