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Melissa Michaels is an award-winning author of 'A Look Within' book series, the face for The Skin Revolution and an executive producer.

Director, Nicholas Wrathall Discusses His Film 'Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia'

6/6/2014 2:52pm EDT
Director, Nicholas Wrathall Discusses His Film 'Gore Vidal: The
Gore Vidal was a thought provoking, controversial novelist, playwright, screenwriter, an Army veteran, political commentator who knew everyone from the unknown artists to the Kennedy’s. Eleanor Roosevelt campaigned for him when he ran for office. He and William Buckley had brutal political debates that nearly lead to fisticuffs on live TV. He was obsessed with political culture and challenged its hypocrisy.

Director, Nicholas Wrathall has a documentary, Gore Vidal: The United States of America now available on VOD, Pay TV, IFC Films, theatrical release today, Friday, June 06, 2014.

I ...

Dylan Gelula Talks Two New TV Shows 'Jennifer Falls' and 'Chasing Life'

6/4/2014 1:38am EDT
Dylan Gelula Talks Two New TV Shows 'Jennifer Falls'  and 'Chasi
Dylan Gelula is an actress to watch. She has two new TV series starting in the same month. Jennifer Falls which star Jaime Pressly, Jeffrey Tambor among others, premieres tonight June 4 on TV Land at 10:30PM. Chasing Life debuts next Tuesday, June 10 on ABC Family at 9:00PM.

She recently shared with me about her TV shows.

How did you choose acting or did acting choose you?

Definitely chose me. I have no idea why but I feel very compelled to pretend scenarios. Acting has always been a secret thing I like, so please do not tell anyone.

Who are your influences?

Sorry, if this is boring bu...

Fernanda Romero Short With Lily Allen: All About Love

5/29/2014 5:07am EDT
Fernanda Romero
Fernanda Romero is an uber talented actress. She recently, wrote, directed and starred in a short with singer Lily Allen that will touch your heart.

She shared with me what Cornetto Cupidity is all about.

What inspired you to make this short?

The story line primarily. I just wanted to be part of a beautiful love story. I think love is so universal and telling in this story. I also like the fact that it supports love blindly and tells an atypical love story between two women. People can finally see beyond what is considered “normal." And through their love they can overcome obstacles.


Renee Lawless Talks From Theatre To Hit TV Show

5/27/2014 3:14pm EDT
Renee Lawless
She has gone from the stage to a popular TV show. Renée Lawless currently stars as Katheryn Cryer on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots on the OWN network. The highly anticipated second season is set to premiere tonight, Tuesday, May 27. Renée is also in pre-production of her own video blog series “Renée’s Way or the Highway.”

We recently spoke about the new season and how she got to where she is today.

How did you get to where you are now?

Umm… By the grace of God!! I did my Master’s studies in Voice and was always acting in various productions thru out my school years. Durin...

Starpulse Exclusive With Allison McAtee

5/27/2014 8:35am EDT
Starpulse Exclusive With Allison McAtee
Allison McActee is a former model turned actress who plays Maggie Day on Tyler Perry’s show The Have and Have Nots on OWN which makes its second season premier tonight. Previously, Allison is best known for playing the lead role in the indie hit film Bloomington and as Ali Andrews, the uber-tough movie studio president, in season six of Showtime’s Californication opposite David Duchovny. Allison has additionally had supporting roles in many films including Iron Man and Quentin Tarrantino's Hell Ride.

She spoke with me about her acting and her incredible volunteer work.

What was the trans...

Exclusive With Breakout Star Ronnie Gene Blevins

5/9/2014 2:46am EDT
Ronnie Gene Blevins
You have seen his face in NCIS, Criminal Minds, Shameless and the blockbuster mega hit, The Dark Knight Rises to name a few. Ronnie Gene Blevins who stars opposite Academy-Award winner Nicolas Cage in director David Gordon Green’s JOE. Ronnie is powerful and memorable in this pivotal role.

Ronnie is currently filming New Line Cinema's Crawlspace and he made time to speak with me about his journey.

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor?

I was 21 in a bar in Barcelona. I was reading a Rolling Stone interview with Johnny Depp. He seemed so cool and self-expressed. That was whe...

Kit Williamson 'Mad Men' Star Promotion For His Acclaimed LGBT Dark Comedy Series, 'Eastsiders'

5/8/2014 6:45am EDT
Kit Williamson
Kit Williamson, Mad Men star and creator, writer, director, Eastsiders is honoring -Five Dollar Friday May 9th. They will be having a drag name competition. If you donate $5 or more to the EastSiders Kickstarter campaign TODAY ONLY you can enter a drag name for Willam Belli's character Douglas' drag persona! If you've already donated, just up your pledge by $5 today and you can submit to the competition! We will put the top 5 drag names up to a public vote!

Michael Bell More Than An Artist To The Stars

4/24/2014 1:36am EDT
Michael Bell More Than An Artist To The Stars
Michael Bell is a renowned American artist to the stars. He is partiularly known for his array of mobster paintings and notorious portrait painting clientele. He is also the creator of ArtQuest which is the largest, most community inclusive student art exhibition in Maryland. It's a one-night only event on Thursday, April 24, 2014.

ArtQuest gives students the opportunity to win over $2,000 in prize money in over 60 different categories, including the Grand Prize of All, this year's "Best of Show" Champion.

Michael spoke with me about his incredible life.

When did you first pick up a pai...

A Chat With 'Mad Men' Star Kit Williamson

4/14/2014 11:33am EDT
Kit Williamson
Kit Williamson is best known as Ed Gifford on the award-winning Mad Men. He also has a hit show of his own, Eastsiders. He is busy not only with acting but with writing, producing, directing and going to graduate school at UCLA. Yet, he still had time to speak with me.

How do you feel about Mad Men’s final season?

I am so honored to be a part this show. The world is so thoroughly, incredibly realized. It's funny, because while everyone on set is very serious about the work they are doing, it's not like there is this looming gravitas or anything. Nobody walks around like they're making...

Behind The Scenes NBC 'Crisis'

4/11/2014 11:20am EDT
If you're not watching NBC's Crisis then you are missing out on one of the most intense dramas on network television. A new CIA agent has the worst first day ever. He is shot by his partner, loses the President's son, and a massive kidnapping of the elite's children is how his day begins. The show stars some familiar faces that includes: Lance Gross, Rachael Taylor, Michael Beach, Gillian Anderson, Dermot Mulroney, Max Martini among others.

I was speaking with the series editor, Jacques Gravett who has an impressive resume. He is a film and television editor whose skills include cutting b...