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'Once Upon a Time' Recap: '7:15 A.M.'

Melanie Linn Gutowski Melanie Linn Gutowski
1/23/2012 10:19am EST

Once Upon a Time - Snow White and the Seven DwarvesIn this episode, we learn more about how Snow White and Prince James came to be together (and drawn apart); more details about Storybrooke's mysterious stranger are revealed.

Author’s note: Lines between paragraphs indicate scene changes between Fairy Tale Land and Storybrooke/present day.

In Storybrooke, Henry confronts the mysterious stranger about why he's in town. He's got a wooden box strapped to the back of his motorcycle and speeds off before Regina can speak to him. A storm approaches.

Mary Margaret rushes out the door, claiming she's late for school, but instead of going to work, she heads for Granny's Diner. David Nolan arrives to pick up coffee and greets her before going on his way. Emma arrives at the diner and figures out Mary Margaret's ruse.
In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White stalks a turkey when Red Riding Hood finds her to bring her food. Red tells Snow that Price James is to marry Midas' daughter in two days' time. Snow wishes aloud that she could get the prince out of her mind. Red hesitates, but mentions a man who may be able to help her.

At night, as Snow docks her boat, Rumpelstiltskin appears and asks her request. She asks for a cure for a broken heart. Rumpelstiltskin takes a vial of water from the lake and adds a strand of Snow's hair, telling her that if she drinks it, the next time she sees Prince James, he won't even remember who he is. He gives her the cure in exchange for some of her hair.
Mary Margaret bumps into Kathryn Nolan at the grocery store; each woman spills her groceries. Mary Margaret notices a pregnancy test among Kathryn's items. Regina asks Mary Margaret to be discreet about it.
Two days before Prince James' wedding, King George throws a feast for him. He presents James with a crown from King Midas and says he wants James' heart to be in the marriage. James admits he is in love with a woman he met in the forest. King George orders James to get the woman out of his head so nothing can stop the wedding. After the king leaves, James writes Snow White a letter and sends it with a dove to find her.
Mary Margaret finds a dove ensnared in a trap while walking through the woods and brings it to the pet shelter where David Nolan works. The vet tells her the dove must be reunited with its flock so it can be reunited with its chosen mate. David offers his help, but Mary Margaret refuses.

Regina asks Emma to look into the mysterious stranger; Regina claims he looks familiar to her.
As Snow White prepares to take the potion that will make Prince James forget her forever, his letter arrives. In it, he writes that if she comes to the palace before his wedding, they can be together forever.
Mary Margaret drives through the forest with the dove, but comes to a "road closed" sign. She exits the car and continues on foot.
Snow arrives at the castle in disguise and finds Prince James, but before she can speak to him she is dragged to the dungeon by one of the king's soldiers. In the dungeon, Snow meets Grumpy, who is also imprisoned. He tells her there is no way out and that she'll lose her determination before long. Grumpy says he was imprisoned because he was in love with a fairy, and traded his wages for a diamond to use in proposing. But the diamond turned out to have been stolen, and he was imprisoned. Just then, Stealthy (the "eighth dwarf") arrives and releases Grumpy. The two let Snow out of her cell and take her with them.
Mary Margaret locates the dove's flock, but before she can release it, she slips and slides down a hillside and over a cliff. David Nolan arrives and pulls her back from the edge; he'd followed her after she left the animal shelter. The storm finally breaks and Mary Margaret and David run from the forest with the dove.
Grumpy and Stealthy part ways with Snow White on their way out of the dungeon. Stealthy is hit by one of the king's archers, and when Grumpy won't say where Snow White is, the king threatens to execute him. Snow arrives and threatens to burn down the castle unless they release Grumpy; they do.
Mary Margaret and David arrive at a cabin in the forest and start a fire to keep warm. Mary Margaret admits that she still has feelings for David and goes to the coffee shop every morning so she'll see him. He admits that the reason he picks up coffee each morning at Granny's is to see Mary Margaret. They are about to kiss when Mary Margaret stops and tells David she knows that Kathryn thinks she may be pregnant.

Emma arrives at Granny's Diner during the storm and finds the stranger sitting there. She asks him what he's doing in Storybrooke and why he was talking to Henry. He denies any malicious intent and asks Emma if she wants to know what's in his wooden box. He says he won't tell her unless she agrees to have a drink with him; Emma agrees. Inside the box is a typewriter; the stranger says he's a writer and Storybrooke provides him with inspiration.

In the cabin, Mary Margaret realizes that David wasn't aware that Kathryn was possibly pregnant; just then, the rain stops. Mary Margaret finds the dove's flock and releases her. David takes Mary Margaret's hand. She tells David that he can't have both her and Kathryn; he claims that he doesn't have them both, that he is living two separate lives. Mary Margaret tells him they have to forget each other.
King George confronts Snow, telling her she must tell Prince James that she doesn't love him, or else the king will have James killed. James is overjoyed to see her, but Snow tells him that she doesn't love him and that he should go live his life and love someone else.
At home, Kathryn tells David she feels that ever since he came back, she's felt as if he's not really there. She admits to having thought that she was pregnant, but the test was negative. David agrees to go to Dr. Hopper with her for counseling.
On her way from the castle, the dwarves find Snow White and take her to their home. Snow stops to take the potion from Rumpelstiltskin, but Grumpy talks her out of it, saying the pain makes people who they are (hence "Grumpy").

Prince James gallops through the countryside, seeking Snow White. He finds Red Riding Hood instead, who tells him Snow never came back after going to find him.

At the dwarves' cottage, Grumpy rushes to tell Snow that the prince called off the wedding, that he left Princess Abigail, but it is too late: Snow had already taken the potion and doesn't remember who the prince is.
David shows up at Granny's Diner to tell Mary Margaret that Kathryn isn't pregnant after all. They embrace in the street as Regina looks on.

Unanswered Questions:
An ongoing list of questions that hopefully will be answered in future episodes.

-The Storybooke stranger doesn't appear to be one of the fairy tale characters. Who is he? Is he Henry's dad? Is he Mr. Gold's minion?
-How does Prince James get out of his betrothal? What deal did he make with King George to make that happen?
-Whose cabin was it that Mary Margaret and David found in the woods?

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