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Ken Jeong Wants To Do Another 'Hangover'

Markus A Larr Markus A Larr
November 30th, 2013 12:02pm EST

Ken Jeong-20131030-30.jpg

Ken Jeong would love to do another 'Hangover' movie.

The 44-year-old actor played flamboyant Chinese gangster Leslie Chow in the franchise's three films, and insists he would "do anything" to portray the character again, despite admitting it is unlikely there will be a fourth installment.

He said: "I would do anything for the 'Hangover' franchise. I would love to do more Chow but we definitely ended 'The Hangover' as we know it with 'Part III'.

"While we were filming, we knew it would be the last one. If it wasn't for 'The Hangover', I wouldn't be here talking to you.

"Every bit of success I've had over the last four years I owe to 'The Hangover'.

While Ken believes his time portraying Chow is probably over, he is constantly reminded of the role by passersby who often shout some of the character's more controversial lines at him in the street.

He added to nuts magazine: "People are always shouting Chow lines at me. I was at an ATM near where I live and a middle-aged man in a convertible shouted, 'Toodle-oo, motherf***er!' I laughed my ass off!"

Photo Credits: WENN