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Maccorley Mathieu Maccorley Mathieu
4/23/2011 8:19pm EDT

Nicki Minaj

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But there's nothing sincere about someone stealing your act and emulating your style to a point where they actually start sounding and looking like you. A lot of celebrities copy their fellow artists and predecessors regularly. Christina Aguilera has been criticized for cloning the look and style of Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani. While the Octomom Nadya Suleman has been poked fun at for reportedly having cosmetic surgery to resemble Angelina Jolie. But the list doesn’t stop there. Here are some other celebs who are without a doubt copycats.

Lady Gaga

Lady  Gaga

Ever since she first burst onto the scene three years ago, Lady Gaga has been drawing comparisons to Madonna. Gaga's sound and dance routines are very similar to the Material Girl’s performance style from two decades earlier. Even Madonna's estranged brother, Christopher Ciccone sees the similarity and has called Gaga a copycat. He points out that her single "Born This Way" from her forthcoming album mimics the tone and melody of Madonna's song "Express Yourself" from 1989. Gaga has refuted these claims and denies being a plagiarist. She states, "If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities are the chord progression." Lady Gaga can defend herself for not being a rip-off as much as she likes, but as long as she continues to wear cone-shaped bras, upset conservative religious groups, and release Material Girl-like songs, she will always be viewed as a Madonna clone.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj 2
Nicki Minaj has been embroiled in a feud with rapper/actress Lil' Kim for the last year. Lil' Kim has insulted Minaj for copying her style of wearing different wigs and proclaiming herself as the "Queen of Hip-Hop." Kim went so far as releasing a track and music video entitled "Black Friday," where she stomps on Nicki's wigs and mocks the way she talks. At the end of the video, she uses a quote from Michael Jackson and states, "It's better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation….period." Nicki has also been criticized for lifting the style of Lady Gaga.


Lil' Kim's 1996 "Hardcore" album pose                   Nicki Minaj's 2008 "Sucker Free" mixtape pose




Rihanna has stated in past interviews that she's been inspired by Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé. Whether she is aware of it or not, she is doing a really great job of imitating all three of those icons. Her erotic onstage outfits and dramatic music videos matches that of Madonna's. Her showmanship closely resembles that of Janet Jackson's. And her voice, sound, and dance routines are always compared to Beyoncé's. Rihanna has also managed to call on the spirit of Grace Jones' performance style from the late 70's and early 80's. Jones was also known for wearing different hairdos, S&M outfits, and flashy stage performances.

Grace Jones

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox looks like a young Angelina Jolie and acts like her too. The former "Transformers" actress has tattoos similar to Jolie and is open about her sexuality. The media has even dubbed Fox as "The new Angelina Jolie" and given her that same sex symbol status. Two years ago, it was reported that Megan was a leading candidate to replace Jolie in the third installment of "Tomb Raider." Angelina was upset by this and felt that Megan couldn't handle the role. On top of that, she also felt Fox was copying her style. And she does have a point. If you compare Megan Fox's July 2008 FHM UK pose to Angelina Jolie's July 2007 Esquire magazine pose, it seems like Fox is imitating almost everything Angelina does.


Angelina Jolie's pose for Esquire magazine in 2007           Megan Fox's pose for FHM UK in 2008

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Who is Taylor Momsen? Well, she is a musician and actress who plays the character of Jenny Humphrey on the CW TV series "Gossip Girls." She's also a Courtney Love clone. Momsen has been labeled the "Junior Courtney Love" and loves the comparison. Like Courtney, Momsen experiments with drugs, wears scantly clad outfits, and performs risqué stage stunts like flashing her chest to an audience attending a performance by her and her band The Pretty Reckless last year in late October. To make matters worse, she's not even 18 years old yet. With her punk rock mentality, messy hair, and dark eye-liner and lipstick, Taylor Momsen is unquestionably a copycat of Courtney Love and is headed down the same path…………rehab.

Courtney  Love



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