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Possible Baby Daddies For Tila Tequila's Alleged Baby

Maccorley Mathieu Maccorley Mathieu
3/10/2010 11:05am EST


Tila Tequila

For months now Tila Tequila has been teasing her fans on Twitter about the identity of the father of her alleged unborn baby. The former TV reality star announced in late December that she was going to have a surrogate pregnancy for her brother. Later, she claimed that the baby is going to be all for her to raise, and hinted that the daddy may be a high profile male celebrity. The names of potential fathers have included rapper The Game and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis. Since Tequila refuses to reveal the identity of her baby's daddy, we've come up with a list of some celebrities who may be the father of her possibly fake baby.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan seems to have a fetish for pregnant women. He's mentioned that  he likes to get women pregnant so he can see their big pregnant bellies and C-section scars afterwards. He even made a funny music video "Impregn8ed" with Jimmy Kimmel about his love of impregnating women. It wouldn't be a surprise if we found out Tracy is the father of Tila Tequila's baby. If Tila had asked Tracy to knock her up, we're pretty sure he wouldn't have passed up the opportunity. But knowing Tracy, he would probably forget that he knocked her up and demand a paternity test on Maury.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is only 16 years old, but this little brat attracts women like he's 26. Little girls cry and teenage girls faint when they listen to his songs. His songs hypnotize women so much, they want him to be the father of their future baby. This could've been the case with Tila Tequila. She listened to one of his songs one day and in a hypnotic state, she arranged a meeting with Justin to impregnate her. If Justin is the father, he's going to have to stop spending his money on junk food and video games, and start spending it on child support.

Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga

Whether she is or isn't a man, Lady Gaga is a strong candidate for being the father of Tila Tequila's baby. Like Tequila, she's bi-sexual and loves attention. Gaga recently posed for England's Q magazine where she posed topless with one hand covering her breasts and the other hand covering what might be her manhood. If Lady Gaga is revealed to be the father, we'll finally know once and for all if she's a dude.

Lady Gaga

Tsu'tey from Avatar

Tila Tequila is often mistaken for an extra-terrestrial because she looks like an alien creature from another planet. How appropriate would it be if the father of her alleged baby turns out to be Tsu'tey, future chief of the Na'vi people on planet Pandora. It makes perfect sense that Tila would reproduce with her own species since there aren't many humans on this planet that would want to procreate with her.


Tiger Woods

By now the number of women Tiger Woods had an affair with is probably in the hundreds. It wouldn't be a shocker to anyone if Tila Tequila came forward as one of Tiger's mistresses. He could've had an affair with Tequila on a drunken night. If Tila ever revealed Tiger Woods is the father of her baby, Tiger would be a dead man, and a broke man from all the money he would have to pay in alimony and child support.

tiger woods

Hugh Hefner

Tequila has had an ongoing feud with Hugh Hefner and Playboy ever since she posed for the magazine way back when. It's possible Hugh Hefner could've impregnated Tila as a way to show her he's sorry for using old Playboy pics of her in recent issues. If Hugh Hefner is the father, this will prove to everybody that he's not impotent at 100 years old. Unfortunately, the baby will never get to know Hef because his time is almost up.

Hugh Hefner

Maccorley Mathieu

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