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Michelle Williams embarrassed listening to 'Beyoncé'

January 26th, 2014 12:20pm EST | Lucy Hobson By: Lucy Hobson favorite Add to My News

Michelle Williams

Beyoncé's former band mate was embarrassed listening to her new album.

Former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams thinks the 'Drunk in Love' hitmaker should have kept intimate details about her love life with husband Jay Z "private" but insists she loves her friend's self-titled record.

The 33-year-old gospel singer told "I love her new album. I think it's amazing!"

But she added: "I was telling someone on the way here how I was laughing. I don't know if it's laughter of shyness or embarrassment because the makeup artist and everyone was listening to her say these things, and I'm like, 'That's private girl!' We aren't supposed to know all that. But she is married and has produced a baby, and we know what you have to do to produce a baby so OK!"

Beyoncé, who has a two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with her husband, previously admitted she felt a "sense of freedom" by opening up more about her personal life on her latest record because she used to be worried about being a role model for her younger fans.

The 'Blow' singer said: "Now I'm in my 30s, and those children that grew up listening to me have grown up, and I always felt like it was my responsibility to be aware of kids and their parents and all these generations.

"And I felt like, in a sense, I could not express everything. I've done so many things in my life, in my career, that I feel like at this point I've earned the right to be me and to express any and every side of myself."

Meanwhile, Michelle doesn't think Destiny's Child will reunite for another album or tour despite performing at the NFL Super Bowl together last year in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She said: "I think we just kind of like doing those one offs. I think those are more special."

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