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Almost 20 Years Later, 7 Reasons Why We Still Mourn Princess Diana

Lucille Barilla Lucille Barilla
8/3/2014 2:00pm EDT

princess diana

Just after midnight on August 31, 1997, a car carrying Diana Princess of Wales, and her fiancé Dodi Fayed crashed in a Paris tunnel. The paparazzi were blamed, the royal family was said to be involved, even international terrorists were rumored to have had a hand in this tragedy. Regardless of who or what was to blame for tragedy, the death of Princess Diana took away a sense of innocence in celebrity and history that the public at large still mourns to this day. Although it is almost 20 years after, here are 7 reasons why we still mourn the loss of the "People's Princess."


princess diana

7. Diana Turned The Royal Family Into Celebrities

Diana truly touched a human chord among the British people, in stark contrast to the other royals of the House of Windsor who seemed stand-offish, arrogant, and cold. HRH brought life into a tired institution of formality by being genuine and warm with her countrymen.

Despite the fact she had a privileged upbringing, Diana related best to regular people and during a time when the royal family were dated figureheads in a monarchy that had gone south, she became "the People's Princess" and an international celebrity. Still, with that celebrity came intrusions into her private life to a degree no other icon had seen before and the constant public hunger for gossip and news contributed to the mad press frenzy, and to the car chase that led to her death.

princess diana 

6. Her Fashion Sense

Although the 1980's were the worst decade for fashion, Princess Diana made the styles of that time iconic. Diana’s fashions were chronicled extensively in the press of the time and while she was praised for her style choices, she was also disparaged as a mannequin, a pretty face well-dressed, but without any real purpose.

In the 1980's, Catherine Walker helped Diana create a streamlined modern version of clothes for her public life as the Princess of Wales. After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana went on to develop a more individual style that reflected her new independence and freedom. Diana understood her role as a fashion icon and that everything she wore would be scrutinized. She was also the first royal to repeatedly wear the same outfits over and over again, attempting to show a down-to-earth side in a decade of excess.

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