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The 10 Most Annoying TV Kids Of All Time!

Lucille Barilla Lucille Barilla
7/24/2014 2:00pm EDT

carl grimes

Character-driven storylines are the life breath of any avid television watcher. The more interesting, the better. Still, in order to flesh out a main character, several sub characters need to be added. Often times, they are younger. Unless there are substantial reasons why a particular child character is added to a new or existing show, they fall by the wayside, not pushing the plot forward and often, holding it back. These television kids all have one thing in common, their presence on their shows is ultimately annoying.

joffrey walking dead 

1. Joffrey Baratheon, Game of Thrones

Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) might have been a king, but he was one of the brattiest kids on television! Who could forget when he mocked Sansa Stark about the death of her father, mother and brother? He stooped even lower and became even more irritating when he tortured and killed a prostitute who betrayed Littlefinger’s trust. In the ultimate brat twist, he took credit for winning the Battle of the Blackwater! Although the win was due to Tyrion’s strategic thinking and Tywin Lannister’s army arriving at the last minute, that didn't stop Joffrey from grabbing the lion's share of attention for it. In the end he was punished by death for all his rotten misdeeds.

carl grimes 

2. Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead

It must be hard being the only kid around who has survived the zombie apocalypse in a land of all adults, so Carl (Chandler Riggs) should be cut some slack for his efforts. Despite this, the character's presence does nothing to drive the story forward for "Walking Dead." In fact, because he is so young, his character hinders the others! Fans of the show have argued that there is no reason that Carl is alive while other main characters on the show have died grisly deaths. Carl was also responsible for Dale's death, something fans have never forgiven. The writers will most likely keep him on the series until the end, killing him off now that he is a known and identified young character could cause too much of a backlash.

steve urkel 

3. Steve Urkel, Family Matters

Let the backlash begin! Yes, Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) is one of the most beloved 80's characters on television. But, that does nothing to deter from his absolute annoying ways during "Family Matters" series run. Urkel's annoying way of dropping in at inopportune times during a family crisis, saying things that made viewers cringe and oh that irritating, "Did I do that?" catchphrase? Originated as comic relief for the sitcom that dealt with what else, "Family Matters", Urkel's irritating ways just became too much after a while and what was once funny became something darker, much darker for fans.

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