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Child Stars Of The 1980s: Where Are They Now?

Lucille Barilla Lucille Barilla
6/3/2014 7:00pm EDT

The Facts of Life

Today's kids don't know what it's like to connect deeply with a particular teen actor or actress on television. Nowadays, kid-geared shows only last a few years and then suddenly, are replaced by new series and a new batch of "stars." Children of the 80's were lucky enough to grow up with some of the most diverse and talented bunch of actors and actresses' on television and still hold them dear to their hearts to this day. Have you ever wondered where some of your favorites have been since they left the small screen? After some careful digging, we've revealed the whereabouts of some of your favorite actors and actresses from the 1980's. What some of them are doing now is a big shocker!

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Photo Credits: PR Photos, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, WENN Photos, NBC Television