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'Girls' 2.02 Recap: 'I Get Ideas'

1/21/2013 7:27pm EST
It seems like Girls has building towards last night’s Hannah vs. Sandy scene its inception. The biggest controversy of the show hasn’t been Hannah Horvath’s obvious (and intentional) narcissism or the racy quips that spill from her and her friends’ mouths, but rather the distinct lack of cultural representation. Meaning: everyone is white as hell.

But now that Hannah’s dating a black guy, the discussion is open. And it turns out, Hannah is just as oblivious about the racial status of Brooklyn as critics accused her of being. But Dunham is smart enough and savvy enough to know what the Inte...

'Girls' Season 2 Premiere: 'It's About Time'

1/14/2013 9:17am EST
It started in a bed. And it starts in a bed, again.

In a mirror shot of the pilot’s opening scene, Girls season two pans up from the feet of two intricately laced bodies. But instead of Hannah and Marnie, it’s Hannah and Elijah, her gay ex-boyfriend and new roommate. We see the differences right away: Marnie was uptight and questioning, a counter to best friend Hannah’s puppy-like inability to grasp consequences. But Elijah is fun on overdrive. He and Hannah plan parties with themes like “Japanese snack night” and finish each other sentences. Their Brooklyn apartment is no longer an eclect...

Review: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Delivers... Almost

7/20/2012 6:55am EDT
The Dark Knight Rises
Gotham City is reborn. No longer a mecca for crime, it's also no longer in need of Batman. That's why, per the opening chapters of "The Dark Knight Rises," he's at rest, along with his damaged auteur, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). As Gotham City officials celebrate their contained victory, Wayne harbors in the peripherals. It's his place, after all. He's earned it. But while he stews in his billion dollar mansion, evil is festering somewhere below. An evil so tired of this makeshift harmony that it plots a drastic city-wide facelift: Give us our streets, share with us your wealth, grant us ...

'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Premiere: 'Live Free or Die'

7/16/2012 3:25pm EDT
Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere
A desert glow burns through the horizon as two cars race towards each other, pedal to the metal, cantankerous music blaring. Just before collision, they swerve and miss each other. From one steps Mike the Cleaner, recently rehabilitated after a near-fatal wound near the end of last season. From the other, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, partners in crime. Walt's responsible for the death of Mike's boss, Gus Fring, the meth lord mastermind who half-perished in a bomb explosion moments ago (if we follow "Breaking Bad's" time frame, which picks up seconds after season four ended). Before Mike ...

'Game of Thrones' 'Valar Morghulis' Brings Us Full Circle - Season 2 Finale

6/4/2012 4:21pm EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Season 2 Finale
And with that, the second season of "Game of Thrones" comes to an end. It's been a wild ride. It's about to get wilder. But if there's one thing this season has truly instilled, it's a sense that great fantasy TV is both achievable and beloved. Thank you, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for this show. I know I speak for many when I say that I end every week on a Westeros-induced high. I'm sad to say goodbye for the summer, but I'm already anxious to return.

After last week's grueling battle episode, it was nice to get a check-in with every character. Until they're all laid out before me, I fo...

'Game Of Thrones': 'The Prince Of Winterfell' A Prelude To Battle

5/21/2012 4:15pm EDT
Game of Thrones
Another week, another bit of laborious build-up. For as good as "Game of Thrones" can be even at its most boring, this week was the first time in a while that things got a bit… lofty.

Next week, we'll finally see the long awaited Blackwater battle – combat! Tyrion yelling out hilarious, pun-laden commands! Stannis takes the wheel! – but until then, we have to deal with a little exposition. The theme of this week seemed to be love, be it a fledgling attraction finally culminated (i.e. Robb and Talisa hooked up, big time), the difficult love between long-lost siblings, the protective love b...

'Girls' 2.05 Recap: 'Hard Being Easy'

5/14/2012 3:53pm EDT
A long-past-its-due relationship is the foundation of Girl's fifth episode, "Hard Being Easy," the first one to focus almost solely on Marnie's crumbling romance with Charlie. The two have had it hard since the pilot: She's ready to move on, but she can't seem to shake him. Because he's just so nice. He doesn't deserve it. He hasn't done anything wrong. You know, all of the excuses a person can make for not breaking up with someone.

After last week's diary fiasco, Charlie's finally the one taking charge. He knows Manrie doesn't love him the way she used to, and he'd rather end things befo...

'Game Of Thrones' 2.07 Recap: 'A Man Without Honor'

5/14/2012 2:48pm EDT
Game of Thrones - A Man Without Honor
Last night's episode of Game of Thrones, aptly titled "A Man Without Honor," was all about… well, men without honor. The title can be directly linked to Jaime Lannister, who made a reappearance after several episodes in the dark. Jaime murdered a young relative just to break free from Stark clutches. And he succeeded, albeit temporarily. See, for as calculating as the Lannisters are, even they can't master the art of escaping this inescapable, messy situation they've all found themselves in. Jaime's lack of honor may lend the episode its name, but it's a blanket term for almost every man on...

'Game Of Thrones' 2.06 Recap: 'The Old Gods And The New'

5/7/2012 7:28pm EDT
Game of Thrones
As this season of "Game of Thrones" hits its midpoint, we're finally knees-deep in a war so brutal and unflinching that nothing seems off-limits. Take for instance the opening scenes of this week's episode, which finds an almost hilariously inept Theon Greyjoy taking command of his former home. The unassuming people of Winterfell are invaded by Theon's skeleton crew, who sneak in and wreak havoc amongst a group of people who know him as the puny ward of their dead lord. When Theon rouses Bran from sleep to let him know he's infiltrated and is the new Lord of Winterfell, Bran practically yaw...

'Girls' 2.04 Recap: 'Hannah's Diary'

5/7/2012 12:55pm EDT
After three straight weeks of home runs, I really, really disliked the latest episode of "Girls."

Not that things have taken a dour 180. On the contrary, there's still plenty of hope nestled in the footnotes. It's a show with an impressive cast and characters with weight. I still cared about Marnie's happiness and Shoshanna's sexuality and even Charlie's bald head by the end. But the overwhelming excitement I got from the opening chapters fell quiet for this unimpressive half-hour, when broad commentary stood in for subtle discomfort.

As it goes, my favorite character in the first three e...