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Although Linda lives in a small town in Ohio, she has found that she can learn a lot about her love of television and her love of Hollywood through the advances of technology. She loves to share what she learns through her writing. Some of what she learns is fun gossipy stuff and some is sad news. Yet, all of it is in its own way entertaining.

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner - Jennifer Grey Wins 'Dancing With The Stars'

11/23/2010 11:16pm EST
Jennifer Grey Wins DWTS
Okay America, you can breathe a sigh of relief, Bristol Palin did not win "Dancing With The Stars."

No, it was Jennifer Grey - who battled through pain & injuries that occurred during practice (and Palin's "fans" & followers) - who took home the Mirror Ball trophy. Yet, in the end, after a tough season Grey overcame it all and was crowned the winner of Season 11 of the hit show

Grey started out the night scoring another perfect 10 for her Waltz with partner Derek Hough. It was the exact same dance she performed at the beginning of the season and the dance that left few dry eyes as fans r...

Will Bristol Palin's Followers Crown Her 'Dancing With The Stars' Queen? (Poll & Photos)

11/23/2010 9:56am EST
DWTS 2010 Finals
Last night was the second to last night of dancing for “Dancing with The Stars.” The finalist had to dance two routines, a redemption dance and a freestyle dance. At the end of the night, Jennifer Grey led the pack again with two sets of perfect 10’s and Kyle Massey was the second place with a score of 56.

What about Bristol Palin? She got a low score of 52 and again didn’t see any 10s?

Yet, who will be crowned the queen or king of “Dancing with the Stars?” Will America vote for the best dancers or allow politics play a part in their voting.

Stay tune to ABC to find out tonight.


Audience Shocked As Bristol Palin Makes Finals Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

11/16/2010 11:02pm EST
Natalie Portman
She was the only dancer that didn’t get a ten last night on “Dancing With The Stars.” She has been in the bottom rung of the leader board for seven weeks. Yet, Bristol Palin is going into the finals of “Dancing With The Stars” next week.

You could hear some small booing as Brandy Norwood was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” tonight. When the cameras began scanning the other dancers, Derek’s mouth flew opened.

Many were definitely shocked.

Yet, it still happened. Brandy Norwood, the dancer who was sure to be going into the finals with Jennifer Gray was eliminated tonight.


Jennifer Gray Gets Two Perfect Scores On 'Dancing;' Will Bristol Finally Be Sent Home?

11/16/2010 8:08am EST
Jennifer Grey
This is the last week before the finals on “Dancing With The Stars,” and Jennifer Gray topped the leader board after receiving two perfect scores. This should assure her a place in the finals. But who will be going with her?

Brandy also received one perfect score after dancing an Argentine Tango, and Kyle Massey received his two single tens of this season after dancing a Sambo.

The only dancer who didn’t receive a 10 last night was Bristol Palin.

The total scores of the night was as followed:

Brandy: 27 for Paso Dablo

Jennifer: 30 for Cha Cha

Bristol: 27 for her Paso Doblo


Bristol Palin Saved Again On 'Dancing With The Stars;' Kurt Warner Not So Lucky

11/10/2010 8:16am EST
Kurt Warner
Last night, another star was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” and that celeb was not in the bottom Monday night. It was Kurt Warner, who scored second to last place in the voting after the Instant Dance.

This means that the fans saved Bristol Palin once again from the fate of going home. Now there are four couples standing to fight for the mirror ball trophy.

Those remaining couples are:

Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough

Brandy Norwood and Maksim Chmerkouskiy

Kyle Massey and Lacey Shwimmer

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas

Who will be going home next week? What do you think about ...

Jennifer Grey & Brandy Once Again Top 'DWTS' Leader Board

11/9/2010 8:24am EST
Only five remain on "Dancing With The Stars." Yet, the competition is not getting any easier. Last night, the group had a new competition to win: “The Instant Dance.”

Coming into Monday night, the dancers knew the type of dance they would be performing. What they did not know was the song. This meant the dance they were practicing could be too fast or too slow for the tempo of the song. Mistakes could happen.

How did the dancers do? On the regular dance, the dancers got the following scores:

Kyle: 27

Jennifer: 27

Kurt: 24

Bristol: 24

Brandy: 29

On the instant dance, the dan...

Rick Fox Is Eliminated On 'Dancing With The Stars'

11/3/2010 8:18am EDT
Rick Fox
This week "Dancing With The Stars" celebrated its 200th episode. It was a week of returning competitors and talented guest singers (Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart). Yet, it was also a week that a dancer had to be eliminated.

This week the last two dancers standing were Rick Fox and Kyle Massey. Fox was the unlucky one.

Yet, it was Bristol Palin who was at the bottom of the leader board on Monday night. This again proves how important the fans' votes are.

Next week the remaining five dancers will have to perform two individual dances, one is the "instant dance." Competitors will know w...

Brandy & Jennifer Grey Top 'Dancing With The Stars' 200th Episode

11/2/2010 10:30am EDT
Brandy sparkled in black and blue as she left Boulevard 3 following the "Dancing with the Stars" 200th episode party last night. To commemorate the episode, many past competitors came back to join in the celebration. Several also took part in the show.

Kristi Yamoguchi and Apolo Ohno became team captains during the dance competition. Kristi’s team consisted of Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, and Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer. Apolo’s team consisted of Brandy Norwood and Maksim Chmerkouskiy, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, and Kurt Warner and Anna Treburnskay...

Fans Rock The Vote As Audrina Patridge Is Eliminated From 'Dancing With The Stars'

10/26/2010 10:19pm EDT
Audrina Patridge Eliminated
It was Rock week on Dancing With the Stars. This meant that the dancers got to rock it out and dance in some really cool clothes. It was also the first week in which the dancers had to dance two dances. The first one was their normal individual dance and the second one was a competition dance marathon.

Brandy Norwood was the lucky dancer who led in both competitions.

Kurt Warner was the unlucky dancer who failed to the bottom of the leader board at the end of Monday’s night show.

Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey both scored their highest scores of the seasons last night.

Then it was ti...

'Dancing With The Stars' Rocked Out As Brandy Leads The Leader Board, Once Again

10/26/2010 9:33am EDT
Dancing With The Stars Week 6
It was rock week on Dancing With The Stars. It was also the first week in which the dancers had to learn two dancers, one individual dance and a competition dance in which they would be scored.

This meant that the competition was getting hotter and tougher. This also meant the votes would mean more than ever when the night ended.

How did the dancers do? Here is brief summary of each dancer’s performance, in order of performance:

Audrino Patridge and Tony Dovolani scored a 24 with their Paso Doble. What did the judges think? Len and Bruno both agreed that Audrina still lacked characte...