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Get Inspired By ABC's Secret Millionaire And Pledge To Get Involved!

April 7th, 2011 10:59am EDT | By: LBi favorite Add to My News

Secret MillionaireWhat happened when Curves founders John and Diane Heavin spent a week living on just $6.50 a day in Houston, TX?  That’s exactly what we found out on Sunday’s all new episode of ABC’s Secret Millionaire. If you didn’t catch the show, it is now available to watch on ABC.com along with additional info about the millionaires!


Watch Sunday’s episode of Secret Millionaire here:



Additionally, learn more about John and Diane and their experience below:




Has Secret Millionaire inspired you to get involved and contribute to your community?  ABC.com has provided fans with the tools and motivation to act on that inspiration and make a difference with “I Pledge” and “Get Involved.”


Take on the challenge of bringing the Secret Millionaire message out into your neighborhood through “I Pledge” on ABC.com. Join the ABC.com community and make a promise to get involved and help others!  Share your pledge and see what others are saying as well on “I Pledge” here:



Made your pledge but need some tips on how you can begin helping? Visit “Get Involved” on ABC.com for some helpful advice, a Secret Millionaire toolkit, links to info about the charitable organizations featured on the show and more here:



Secret Millionaire

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