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Family Splits and Friendships Collapse on The Real Housewives Reunion Part 2

Kristina Mondo Kristina Mondo
10/26/2011 5:12pm EDT

On the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2 it seemed to be Teresa vs. Everyone Else, everyone who is sane that it. Many viewers have felt that Ms. Guidice has been unfairly targeted and treated this season but especially in the reunion special. However, the proof is in the pudding and Teresa is the one that has been jabbing first it’s one instant where fame has certainly gone to one’s head. It’s safe to assume that Teresa will be exiled or at least receive an icy reception from the housewives in season 4. Host Andy Cohen began the night with some saucy topics mainly inquiring about the sex lives of the cast. He first started in Melissa who as we all known from watching this season has a horn dog for a husband it seems to be the only thing he thinks about and the only thing he talks about.  Melissa is not shy and tells Andy ideally her husband would like to have sex two times a day. Teresa smirks and mimics Melissa god forbid anyone takes the attention away from her for more than two minutes.  Cohen then turns his attention to Matriarch Caroline Manzo. Caroline tells Andy she’s not discussing her sex life with him or anyone else that’s private and her own personal business. Cohen then fueled the fire even further with Manzo when he brought up a falling out she had with sister Dina Manzo who left in season two because of the drama Danielle Staub instilled in the show. I’m sure Dina’s glad she got out when she did after this season.


 Caroline confirms that the rumor is in fact true, her and her sister are no longer on speaking terms at this point in time. Caroline told Andy their fight was a result of being misled by a certain someone and implied it was Teresa’s doing and the result of the fracture in her and her sister’s relationship. Almost immediately Teresa fired back at Caroline denying she had anything to do with the sister’s split. Caroline’s response to Teresa “ You’re full of sh*t. Teresa not being able to come up with anything more clever says to her “ What happened to you?”  The fight is followed up by an awkward transition by Cohen where the casts discuss the near death experience Kathy Wakile’s daughter Victoria experienced as a child.


Kathy tells the audience that when she was 10 years old her daughter Victoria had a brain tumor the size of a baseball and fighting back tears says it was a scary time for her and her family. Thank goodness the tumor ended up being beginner but Kathy said it made her look at things differently not to take life or her family for granted and not be concerned with petty things. Teresa then finds it’s an opportune time to put her wisdom and two cents in since she hasn’t gotten any face time for a while. Teresa tells Andy Victoria’s tumor gave her a positive outlook on life because Victoria survived the tumor and came out stronger.  Kathy, Melissa and Caroline all roll their eyes at Teresa it’s all they can do aside from vomiting from her load of crap. Host Andy Cohen then brings back the attention on Teresa seeing her need to feed off of it and brings up the whole christening fiasco and the word that the other housewives shudder to udder “ Unattended”.


Andy brings up the fact that although Teresa likes to dispute it the fact is during the fight with her brother Teresa’s daughter Audriana was left unattended in the scuffle. Cohen shows the clip and says cousin Kathy Wakile did get the child out of harms way. At this revelation Teresa blew up once again and said this is why her relationship with Kathy can’t go anywhere because they keep bringing up the past. All of the housewives side with Cohen and Kathy and Teresa just looks like a crazy witch. Teresa tells Cohen the one reason she “distant” herself from Kathy was because of Kathy’s husband Rich.  Cohen takes this point to correct Teresa’s use of the English language to say the word should be “distance” not “distant” Teresa seems annoyed and embarrassed by the correction.


Later in the broadcast, Cohen asks Teresa if she regrets saying any of the things she said about Melissa on national TV. Teresa says she can’t think of anything she’s said. Melissa then recounted a list of all Teresa’s insults towards her and Teresa said if she had to pick one it would be that Melissa was like “poison” to the Gorga family. Cohen trying to be fair and play both sides asked the same question to Melissa about Teresa.


Melissa says she does have one regret that she made the comment to her sister in law that she said, “at least I pay my bills”.  However, Caroline and Teresa weren’t done for the night but merely on break.


Later in the night, these feuding “friends” had their tempers flaring when the drama heated up once again between Caroline and Teresa. It was implied that although we didn’t see a feud displayed on camera there was a lot of backstabbing going on behind the scenes. At the conclusion of the episode, Caroline tells Teresa “ we never had a friendship, we had an acquaintance but Caroline said make no mistake her friendship with sister in law Jacqueline Laurita is a real one.


Who will reconcile and who will continue to battle it out we’ll have to wait till season four to find out.

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