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Sneaky Italian: Teresa’s Explosive Admission Leads To A Shocking Season Finale

Kristina Mondo Kristina Mondo
10/13/2011 6:54pm EDT

The season finale led to some shocking admission Sunday night when Caroline found out how Teresa truly feels about her and Teresa burned bridges with anyone and everyone for the sake of attention and fame because causing a fight is the only way she can get it.  However, first Teresa tries to end the family drama she’s caused in the past by having the Gorgas and Guidices get together for a family portrait.  A task that proves less exhausting than one would have thought and for about an hour everyone gets along, resulting in a beautiful picture. Meanwhile at the Laurita household Ashley’s drama has consumed their lives once again with uncle Jamie Laurita getting in on the act.  Jamie who looks like Jesse James has come over to talk some sense into Ashley before she makes her big move to California. 


Jamie asks Ashley if she knows what she’s getting into and how hard it is to make it on your own.  Ashley says she knows and she wants a change of scenery she wants to be on her own. Jacqueline asks her how a change of scenery is going to change her life and attitude and Ashley starts getting emotional and tells her to stop. Jamie agrees with Jacqueline and tries to give Ashley a reality check. Jamie asks Ashley if she has a place to live and a job in California, and she tells him she has nothing. He asks her if she thinks it’s smart to move away from family and friends without a safety net and nothing to fall back on but Ashley says she is going to do it. Things get worse when Ashley reveals the two tattoos she got while her mother was in Punta Cana.  They are all horrified and Chris even tells her that one looks like a bird just s**t on her foot.  They all tell Ashley they don’t think she’s ready or understands the responsibility of it all and she storms away crying like a baby. Haven’t we seen this scene before?  Meanwhile Caroline is feeling good after a successful radio run and hopes to continue doing it.


At the radio station, Caroline is doing her segment of “Caroline Rules” but has brought special guests Chris and Lauren Manzo. However, hoping to get support from her children, they mock her as she gives advice to her callers and tells them to follow their dreams.  She obviously can’t take much of it because she joins in with them with a fit of laughter and is glad to have them there.  Elsewhere, Kathy and Rich are apprehensive about the night’s activities, as Victoria’s prom night has finally arrived.


Kathy and Rich are proud parents as they send their blossoming young and impressionable daughter to the prom.  As Kathy is upstairs getting her daughter ready for the prom, Victoria’s date Paulie who’s just a “friend” is scared by Rich who asks him if he’s ever had broken nuts, and demonstrates by cracking peanuts.   Rich busts the boys’ chops when he asks him what they are going to do until five in the morning? Paulie tells him they are going to hang out.  After a full court send off and watching her crying parents waving her away, Victoria heads to the prom. Kathy then tells Rich she’s made a very important decision she doesn’t want to open a restaurant she doesn’t regret saying what she told Teresa and doesn’t want to miss a minute of her children’s lives and just wants to be there for them.


Meanwhile, Teresa stirs the pot for all the housewives especially for Caroline unparticular when her second  “ cookbook”, “ Fabulicious” comes out.  At the Manzo household Lauren mentions the books release and what Teresa had to say about Caroline and her family in the book’s introduction. From calling Caroline 1/6 Italian who’s as Italian as the Olive Garden to demeaning her children’s choice of profession ideas. Caroline is hurt and angry over Teresa’s comments especially because she was there for Teresa when so many weren’t and you just don’t mess with Caroline and her family.  Caroline says the “tides are changing” and she is starting to see Teresa for who she really is and she would rather be her kind of Italian who’s loyal, kindhearted, family-oriented, Than Teresa’s who make homemade wine, or sauce, just speaks Italian or goes to Italy but doesn’t share those values.   However, Caroline is not the only housewife Kathy and Rich have their say as well on what they think of Teresa’s storytelling skills.


Kathy and Rich aren’t surprised they don’t get any thanks in the book but they are surprised about the admission about Caroline and a story Teresa has created about a “cousin” who is jealous of her and continue makes fun of her and jokes about her. Kathy says maybe she’s talking about Rich. Rich and Kathy agree they both don’t care anymore about Teresa and Rich tells Kathy he knows just where to put her cookbook and ceremoniously dumps it in the garbage where it belongs.   At the Gorgas, Melissa has something to say as well when it comes to Teresa’s cookbook.


At the Gorga household, Melissa is spending time with her sister and they begin discussing Teresa’s cookbook.  Melissa reads the quote that Teresa relayed about her “ my baby sister –in-law copies everything I do from her shoes and her hair to the chairs on her front porch”. Melissa says she doesn’t even have chairs on her front porch and tells her sister she’s annoyed but she’s not even going to mention it to her husband because she doesn’t want another fight.


At Teresa’ s house she’s clueless to all the chaos and drama she created that’s a shocker.  She gets a call from her publicist who tells her that her book sold a ton of copies just as Jacqueline rings the doorbell.  Teresa boasts to Jacqueline about the family portrait and how good it came out and then she asks Jacqueline how she’s been doing with Ashley. Jacqueline says Ashley is wrecking her health her skin is broken out and she’s nervous. Teresa is not much help and says Jacqueline has to let Ashley go live her own life and make her own mistakes.  Teresa then turns the attention on herself once again and tells Jacqueline how successful her book is. Jacqueline says now that she brought it up why did she make those nasty comments about Caroline in her cookbook? Teresa tells Jacqueline it was a joke and it’s funny and Jacqueline tells Teresa where does it say it’s a joke; she’s insulting someone’s heritage. Teresa says that’s enough she’s getting mad and Jacqueline’s being too sensitive.  “ If you nitpick every little thing, you’re never going to have friends in life” Teresa tells Jacqueline defensively. Well if that is the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is, that could be the reason Teresa doesn’t have any more friends. Tune in to the reunion on Sunday to see the drama continue to unfold.  Fun Stuff!



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