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America's Got Talent Semi-Final Results

Kristina Mondo Kristina Mondo
8/27/2011 10:49pm EDT

On Wednesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent the first semi-final round results were revealed. The episode kicked off with host Nick Cannon reiterating that there was more pressure on the acts than ever to perform every little bit means everything. After announcing the line up of the evening’s performances, Cannon introduced the judges once again. After some banter with Piers Morgan, Cannon got to the first round of results of the night calling up Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Zuma, Zuma, Matt Wilhelm and Team illuminate. 


Judge Howie Mandel called the previous night’s performances some of the most talent packed competition he’s ever seen and with more competition there are more standout acts than ever before as well.  Following a recap of the group’s performances, Cannon was ready to announce the first act that would move on to the next round. Though the producers tried to create tension with dramatic music and a long pause, the result was clear as Cannon announced that Team illuminate would be moving on and Sharon commented that she thought they would make it all the way to the million.  Cannon the backstage where he spoke with the members of PopLyfe, Miami All Stars and Daniel Joseph Baker in the show’s “Orville Lounge” segment.  A performance by pop star and Disney alum Demi Lavato who performed her single “Skyscraper.


After Morgan and Cannon traded some jabs, Cannon called up PopLyfe and Lys Agnes to the stage. Both acts turned in a tremendous performance the previous night and both certainly deserved to be there. Cannon said it was the closest result in the show’s history with less than a one tenth of one percent between the two totals.  After another lengthy pause, Cannon surprised everyone announcing that both acts would be moving on.  Howie was thankful that neither act was going home because he like the audience felt they both deserved to move on. After both acts left the stage, Cannon called up three more acts that included: Melissa Villasenor, Miami All Stars and Kevin Colis. Just like the first result of the night it was an easy call: The Miami All Stars advanced. Excited and relieved the act said they would “keep pushing the envelope” and described their experience on the show as “humble and beautiful”.


After a commercial break former flamboyant firecracker and contestant Prince Poppycock performed. Decked out in a bright white jumpsuit and Pierrot makeup accompanied by dancers in similar garb.  To the finale of his act in true Poppycock style he shed his white suit to reveal a glittering red and yellow dress in a swing that carried him to the ceiling. Before the judges final pick of the evening, Rap Duo New Boyz took the stage.


Rap Duo New Boyz performed their single “ Better with the Lights Off” surrounded by four female dancers who were their to mainly to pose and look pretty than anything else. Cannon called their performance “incredible”.  Finally it was time for the judge’s pick.


Cannon called up the final three acts to the stage, Daniel Joseph Baker, Beth Ann Robinson and the West Springfield Dance Team. Cannon said it was now up to the judges to decide who will be moving on. Telling the group, that the judges would only deliberate between two acts announcing that Robinson was eliminated.


After deliberating during a commercial break and a preview of next week’s performances Cannon asked the judges for a decision.  Mandel said he believed this was “ the year of the dance” and picked the West Springfield Dance Team.  Piers agreed with Howie and said he was voting for the West Springfield Dance Team as well.  Sharon secured that vote and the West Springfield Dance Team cried with joy and moves on to the finals. Watch next week’s performances to see which of your favorite acts move on.

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