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I'm a foodie that can't get enough of unique ingredients and the incredible chefs that use them. I'm all about learning new techniques and trying something new. Passion doesn't even come close to my adoration of the food industry, and I can't wait to walk myself and you through it!

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 7 Is Finally Here!

9/23/2010 12:05pm EDT
Why We Love Grey
Blood, guts, and horrifying procedures mixed with humor, friendship, and sex only scratch the surface of ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Trying to explain why Thursday nights from now until the end of the show's season are tied up is like trying to explain reasons behind why you love your favorite pair of sneakers. You just do. When something so gripping steals your life away for an hour every Thursday, it can be hard to say why, but we are definitely going to give it a go because this show is worth every second.

Grey's Anatomy started out its first season in 2005 with 9 episodes, and has since move...

Pirates, Pirates And More Pirates On Talk Like A Pirate Day

9/19/2010 8:30am EDT
Captain Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp
September 19th marks a buzz worthy day for certain fanatics. What started out as a heated game of racquetball quickly became a world-wide phenomenon. June 6th, 1995 marked the first day of everything we love about British frivolity in the form of "Talk Like a Pirate Day". Scoff you may, but the truth is, "Talk Like a Pirate Day" stands for more than just wenching and boozing. It's about remembering the lore, the history, and, let's be honest, the slang that most love about these peg-legged and eye-patched folk. states that creators Mark Summers (no, not Marc Summers fro...

Q&A: Michael Symon Talks About Being An Iron Chef & How Easy It Is To Make Really Great Food

8/29/2010 11:41am EDT
Iron Chef Michael Symon
Battling in the heat of Kitchen Stadium is something Iron Chef Michael Symon is no stranger to, and now he wants to bring his tips and tricks for imparting huge flavors to the home cook with his new series "Cook Like an Iron Chef," premiering tonight at 10pm ET on the Cooking Channel.

Michael shows that even when you don't have a lot of time to make an amazing meal (like most of us at home) you can still set yourself up for success.

We had the opportunity to interview Chef Symon to ask him more about his role as an Iron Chef.

Starpulse: Tonight's the big night for the premiere of "Cook ...

Melissa And Joey Maggiore's Show 'Family Style' On Food Network

8/29/2010 11:35am EDT
Melissa And Joey Maggiore
Food Network is bringing you a new reality TV show called "Family Style". The show follows brother and sister team Melissa and Joey Maggiore as they make their new restaurant, Tommy V's, a success. Starpulse got a chance to interview the duo and learn more about what their life is like with a new Food Network show and what they love about being siblings in a working world.

Starpulse- Thursday's the big day, are you guys ready?

Melissa Maggiore- Oh yes, we're so excited. We had a sneak peek of episode one [...] that aired on the Food Network, did ya catch it?

SP- I did catch it. You guys ...

Nigella Lawson - The Domestic Goddess

8/20/2010 9:23pm EDT
Nigella Lawson
Of the many Cooking Channel shows worth giving a crumpet about, two of them that stand out are "Nigella Feasts" and "Nigella Express", hosted by the Domestic Goddess herself, Nigella Lawson.

What's so refreshing about this show is that Nigella is really just being herself. We see her cooking her food, eating it the way she likes it, and sharing it with people she loves (when she's not feeling particularly greedy). The truth is, we see a bit of ourselves in Nigella's unashamed obsession with food. She doesn't tell herself no, which a way of life most of us wish we could adopt.

One of the ...

Who Is Jamie Oliver?

8/17/2010 3:05pm EDT
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is a name that most chefs in the industry are familiar with. He makes rustic and down-to-earth food with his Cooking Channel show "Jamie at Home" and he does it with a purpose. Most of his dishes utilize ingredients from the garden at his home, and they are things anyone could be comfortable making. However, Jamie is much more famous in the states for several other revolutions in the hospitality industry, such as ABC's "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution", that deserve a closer look.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Food is sustenance; it allows us to live. But today, food has beco...

Our Favorite Food Nerds

8/12/2010 5:00pm EDT
Wylie Dufresne
The food world is vast and immense, and there are many things we can learn from those that are leading the way. Food nerds make up a small portion of this group of culinary contributors, but what they add to the industry is a way to think about food that the world has never really, truly touched on before. It is a combination of dedication, exploration, and digestion that brings out the “king” in cooking.

1. Wiley Dufresne

There would be no mention of food nerds without mentioning Wylie Dufresne. Wylie is mostly responsible for popularizing the method of cooking known elegantly as molecul...

Review: 'Eclipse' Boasts Flashbacks, Steamy Make-Out Scenes & Fast Action

6/30/2010 9:05am EDT
Riley Biers Newborn Vampire Army
I have been a twi-hard from the start, and I have to tell you that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director David Slade took the requests of the fans to heart and stuck to the book where it really matters. Slade and Rosenberg took some creative liberties, such as showing glimpses into the progression and terrorism of the newborns in Seattle, but it was done with a purpose, and as a true fan I can respect that decision.

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" begins with Riley Biers, walking out of a bar into the rainy night. Something creeps up on him and whizzes by for a nibble before leaving him...

The Cooking Channel Makes Foodies Drool

6/25/2010 1:00pm EDT
Mario Batali
Sure, Food Network was all fine and good...until the smut of reality TV descended like a cloud of smog. So Scripps Network had the idea to give foodies what they were looking for: more time in the kitchen with talented chefs using unique ingredients from around the world. Thus, The Cooking Channel.

Old School

Food Network fans will recognize some shows like Everyday Italian, Tyler's Ultimate and even Emeril Live, but the new lineup for The Cooking Channel boasts some new hosts and old school hosts. For those of us who remember Food Network when it began in 1996, there are several extremel...

'New Moon:' Expectations & Reservations About The 'Twilight' Sequel

3/23/2009 2:25pm EDT
With this past weekend's release of the DVD Twilight, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, several fans are already looking ahead to the future of the incredible series by Stephenie Meyer. Certain fans (myself included) believe that New Moon was their least favorite out of the four books, so we have high expectations to make this movie shine (like Edward!).

Cutting Down the Length

Many fans criticized the book for being too long. There were several pages that could've been eliminated. Ok, Bella misses Edward. We get it. Let's not have Bella dwell so heavily on his absenc...