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'Parks And Recreation' - 'Bowling For Votes' Recap

1/27/2012 3:46pm EST
Bowling for Votes
This week’s episode of Parks and Recreation brought to mind an interview I read recently with Chris Onstad, the writer-artist behind Achewood, a popular web comic about cats who make fun of The Cure. After nine years of churning out content for Achewood—comics, blog posts, books, t-shirts, mugs—Onstad’s output started to trickle until, suddenly, it stopped. To put it mildly, his fans freaked out. The reason why he stopped doesn’t really matter in this context, but in the interview, Onstad touches on how the small amount of negative feedback he received negated much of the wild praise that h...

'Parks And Recreation' - 'Campaign Ad' Recap

1/20/2012 3:03pm EST
Campaign Ad
I can’t think of another show with actors as skilled at playing stupid as some of the ones on Parks and Recreation. Be it the insane, witless ramblings of the Pawnee general public or Andy’s never-ending parade of catastrophic accidents, it really makes you wonder if Leslie and co. should look into the content of Pawnee’s water supply. Tonight, we meet perhaps the most delightfully dumb specimen to ever cross paths with the Parks department: city council candidate and heir to the Sweetums candy fortune Bobby Newport, played by the wonderful Paul Rudd.

For all of the hubbub around Leslie’s ...

'Parks And Recreation' - 'The Comeback Kid' Recap

1/13/2012 9:31am EST
The Comeback Kid
Hey-Ho Parks and Reckers, it’s been over a month since we last visited our favorite Indiana hamlet, it’s 2012 now, and that’s… something, I guess. In Pawnee, things are mostly as they were in the twilight of 2011. Leslie and her beloved Parks department are plotting to get Leslie’s campaign out of the gutter while Ben, the newly shiftless, unemployed boyfriend, sits at home “finding himself” via his various nerdy hobbies—oh and we have a new cast member! April and Andy’s dog Champion, the three legged champion of all dogs, who can do everything that other dogs do—except dig, he’s terrible a...

Parks and Recreation - 'Citizen Knope' Recap

12/9/2011 2:48pm EST
Citizen Knope
Generally speaking, this season of Parks and Recreation has been strong, but these last couple of episodes have by far been the best. The first half of the season concentrated largely on how splintered the Parks Department had become with the departure of Tom, and Leslie off chasing her dreams of political office while trying to ignore her continued affection for Ben. This led to much of the cast doing their own thing, with the writers throwing them a bone every once in a while in the form of C or D plots that never really amounted to anything. Sometimes these diversions worked—April and An...

'Parks And Recreation' - 'The Trial Of Leslie Knope' Recap

12/2/2011 3:21pm EST
The Trial of Leslie Knope
Of all of the characters that we’ve seen roaming around the muraled corridors of Pawnee city hall, Chris Traeger is the one that we really know the least about. We know all about his health food kick, his obsession with exercise and being a stickler for the rules—we know all of that… but there’s still something naggingly mysterious about the man. Chris dragging Leslie in front of an ethics committee for her relationship with Ben is a chance to illustrate how little we’ve come to know Chris. The trial forces Chris away from being the affable eccentric we’re familiar with, even when he’s self...

Parks And Recreation - 'Smallest Park' Recap

11/18/2011 2:12pm EST
Smallest Park
Leslie and Ben getting back together was inevitable. The show has jived and feinted well enough over the past few episodes to tease that it might leave the two to smolder apart miserably, but Parks and Rec is, at its core, a feel good show, and the only way this season could go on without wallowing in its characters’ and its viewers’ misery is with Ben and Leslie cutting a slice of happiness out of their sticky situation. In order for this to happen, though, Leslie has a bit of growing up to do.

After city hall rips up a pair of useless phone booths, Leslie and the Parks department decide ...

'Parks And Recreation' - 'The Treaty' Recap

11/11/2011 10:47am EST
The Treaty
Is it just me or was that episode rather light on laughs?

Sure, the concept of Leslie and Ben’s personal trouble causing a model war to break out at Pawnee’s model UN is funny enough in concept—with some effective barbs at the actual UN—but overall, this felt just like a retread of last week’s otherwise great episode when Leslie and Ben decided that they could remain friends after some awkward tension built up when they were forced to work together. This week, I guess, puts that decision to the test when Leslie invites Ben to help her run the model UN for Pawnee’s little Knopes and Bens (y...

'Parks And Recreation' – 'End of the World' Recap

11/4/2011 3:53pm EDT
Parks and Recreation
Fake apocalypse or not, your priorities change on your last day on earth. Long term plans and practicality both go out the window and eking out one last moment of happiness becomes paramount. And even though the Apocalypse that’s bearing down on Pawnee is of the crackpot loon variety, the implications of it have loaded the members of the Parks department with whimsy.

With her concerns about her political future put on hold for an evening, Leslie’s thoughts go right back to Ben. The pair of them are assigned to stand watch over park as Pawnee's favorite cult, The Reasonablists, pow-wow arou...

Q&A: Brian Wilson Is 'Thrilled' For The Release Of 'The Smile Sessions Box Set'

11/1/2011 2:00pm EDT
The Beach Boys - Smile
Despite never seeing release, The Beach Boys’ unfinished 1967 album SMiLE persevered. Intrepid Beach Boys fans created their own versions of the album cobbled together from album tracks and bootleg studio recordings for decades, and despite not knowing exactly what songwriter Brian Wilson intended with SMiLE, it was clear that the album was a staggering work of genius. In 2004, Wilson released his own re-recorded version of SMiLE to wild acclaim. Now, Capitol and the remaining members of The Beach Boys have prepared The SMiLE Sessions Box Set, a close approximation of the complete album as ...

31 Days of Horror - The Final Chapter

10/31/2011 2:55pm EDT
31 Days of Horror - The Final Chapter
Halloween is finally upon us, which means our 4th annual horror movie marathon is coming to a close. Over the past weekend we checked in with Roger Corman in A Bucket of Blood, caught up with Bride of Frankenstein, tried out some J-horror with Tomie, and closed things out with everyone's favorite fake vampire Martin.

Day 28: A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Roger Corman’s 1959 quickie A Bucket of Blood is a pitch perfect send up of artists and their highfalutin perceptions of themselves in the guise of a z-rate horror film. Set in a beatnik cafe, the lead character in A Bucket of Blood places s...