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Bar Refaeli Raises Millions In Minutes To Fund Sex Tape

Kevin Blair Kevin Blair
October 3rd, 2012 4:11pm EDT

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli wants to make her own sex tape. The stunning Israeli supermodel has thrown her hat in the ring and begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash for a High-Definition romp "with a dude."

Obviously (unfortunately?) the whole thing is just a joke for a new video from comedy website Funny Or Die.com -- Bar Refaeli isn't planning on tainting her career with a sex tape.

"I know what you’re thinking -- this sounds like a pretty esoteric project," she says on the actual Kickstarter page created to go with the funny video. "I agree- frank sexual portrayals in film are often frowned upon. But let me offer the following counter-argument: I’m really good at sex and I like doing it, and if I know other people are watching me have sex, I will have better sex. Does that make sense?"

In Bar's video, she puts out a plea for viewers to donate to her cause, hoping to raise $10,000 to fund a well-done video using the best equipment available; such as "the clearest HD camera to capture my naked body perfectly." Bar also gives some incentives to potential donors: $50 gets an autographed picture of Bar having sex ("if you're into that kind of thing"); $200 gets donors a "set visit"; and anyone who coughs up $1,000 will have a chance at being the lucky "dude" she shoots the video with.

Naturally, her target is blown away in seconds as she raises nearly $1Billion.

Check out the video below!


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