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Jessica Biel Tweets Photo Of New 'Total Recall' Three-Breasted Hooker Kaitlyn Leeb

Kevin Blair Kevin Blair
7/19/2012 5:15pm EDT

Jessica Biel and Kaitlyn Leeb

Jessica Biel was quick to locate the most popular girl at Comic Con last weekend, and she didn't have to go very far to find her.

Amongst all the Wonder Women, Catwomen, Slave Princess Leias and other sexy costumes at this year's convention, one woman stood out for three big reasons.

Actress Kaitlyn Leeb, who portrays a hooker with three breasts in director Len Wiseman's remake of Total Recall; which features Biel; was in full character at this year's convention - and turned lots of heads. We're guessing there were plenty of double and, ahem, triple takes from attendees passing by the film's promo booth.

"I found the most popular girl at #ComicCon! Two girls, five boobs. #TotalRecall," Biel Tweeted, along with the picture (above) that she posted to her WhoSay page.

Many fans of the original film were wondering if Wiseman would stay true to that one scene in the original where Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Quaid (played by Colin Farrell in the remake) runs into a three-breasted hooker in a red-light district on Mars. Wiseman confirmed the news that the iconic character from the film would be in his remake last August.

The director even confirme that "there are different versions of the three-breasted woman," in his remake, although only one will appear in the theatrical release. The others will be included in the director's cut DVD/Blu-ray release. "You can't make 'Total Recall' without certain things."

The film stars Biel, Farrell and Wiseman's real-life wife Kate Beckinsale; who nearly played the very well endowed lady of the night herself.

"At one point, when it looked like I wouldn’t be able to play Lori, I was going to do a cameo as the three-breasted woman," she says. "And I started fretting about where they’d put the third one.

"Have I actually got room for a third one in the middle, or would it go to the side? Would it then be under an armpit and actually not sexy?"

Total Recall hits theaters August 3.

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The origal three-breasted woman, played by actress Lycia Naff:

Total Recall


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