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7 Off-Beat Diets You Should Know

August 3rd, 2012 7:11pm EDT
Fork with Tape Measure
It seems there is a diet for everything. Type something edible into your search browser in conjunction with “diet” and odds are there’s a weight loss plan for it. Some of these diets, however, are a little more out-there than others. Below are seven of the more interesting diets.

The Burrito Diet

Matthew Lisk came up with this plan after struggling with yo-yo dieting and weight issues for his entire life. Wrapping vegetables and other healthy fare inside of tortillas allowed Lisk to take and keep the weight off, while giving him the illusion of eating a burrito.

Another version of t...

4 Great Cars to Drive Cross Country

June 22nd, 2012 7:50pm EDT
Ford Mustang
Road trips have been a part of American lore since America had lore.

Everyone from settlers to movie stars has made the cross country trek; no one can say they’re well-travelled without at least once journeying from sea to shining sea. But how you travel and what you travel in makes a world of difference to your comfort and enjoyment level. (My first trip was in a 1988 Plymouth Horizon. I do not recommend this.)

While a conventional RV is always an option, it can prove expensive and unwieldy. Below are four of the best cars in which to make the trip, depending on what you’re looking ...

10 Book-To-Film Adaptations To Look Out For In 2012

March 20th, 2012 11:00am EDT
Being Flynn still
2012 is shaping up to be a very literate year in motion pictures. Over 30 films on the release schedule are based on books, short stories or comic books. Below are 10 of the most notable.


Based on: Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn

Basic plot: A guy who works at a homeless shelter finds his estranged, alcoholic, deadbeat dad wandering in one night.

Starring: Robert DeNiro, Paul Dano, Julianne Moore

Director: Paul Weitz

Why it’ll make you thankful: I’m guessing your father isn’t in a homeless shelter…

Release date: Opened March 2 (limited)