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I'm an experienced Entertainment blogger. I especially enjoy reviews, recaps, obituaries, features and news stories. I've been more interested in TV of late because movies haven't excited me much. But, I'm a big movie buff, an avid Hitchcock fan and an Oscar watcher. I have a big Oscar pool and party (not pool party) every year. I work in the publishing industry in the Twin Cities.

'Modern Family' Recap: An Awkward 'Mistery Date'

11/17/2012 2:40pm EST
'Modern Family'
‘Mistery Date’ provides plenty of awkward moments. Most of them, of course, belong to Phil. More on that later. First, Claire takes Manny, Luke and Alex away for the weekend so that Alex can participate in an academic competition. Claire brings new meaning to being a “pageant mom” – she rubs Alex’s abilities in the other mothers’ faces and is shocked when Alex is booted from the competition early, especially after Claire had bought a two-day seat cushion.

Manny and Luke, meanwhile, hit up a bunch of local bar mitvahs when Manny thinks he’s found the girl of his dreams ("There was a connect...

TV Ratings: NBC Has A Good Week

11/16/2012 10:01am EST
'The Big Bang Theory'
Even though CBS was the top network in the ratings last week with 9.34 million viewers, NBC must be marveling at its second-place finish with 8.83 million. That’s its best showing in several months and shows that the Peacock network is on its way to digging out of its 4th place hole from the last several seasons.

NBC also had the week’s top show yet again with ‘Sunday Night Football,’ which averaged nearly 21 million viewers. With Tuesday shows like ‘NCIS’ taking a rest because of election coverage, CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ managed to finish in 2nd place for the week with a high 16.69 m...

'Modern Family' Recap: 'Arrested,' Imprisoned and Fauxconed

11/9/2012 9:29am EST
'Modern Family'
‘Arrested’ sees a literal arrest (Haley), Cameron caught in a fauxcon awkward situation when he feeds an allergic Luke soy, and the return of Dede (the wonderful Shelley Long), who makes Jay feel a bit imprisoned when he’s caught between her and Gloria.

Let’s start with Haley. She’s dragged away by the cops after resisting arrest following an underage drinking incident. Claire and Phil enlist the attorney they know best (Mitchell, whom it should be noted is an environmental lawyer) to help get her out. She does get out, but also must pack her bags – probably so she isn’t limited to a brief...

TV Ratings: CBS Tops, NBC Wins Demo, ABC Scores With CMA Awards

11/9/2012 7:20am EST
'Malibu Country
Most of the networks (perhaps with the exception of FOX) had something to brag about in last week’s ratings race. NBC scored the top show yet again with ‘Sunday Night Football,' did well with ‘The Voice’ and was tops in the 18-49 demo; ABC placed in the Top 10 with the CMA Awards and had a strong start with Reba McEntire’s ‘Malibu Country’; and CBS, as usual, selfishly ate up at least half of the Top 20.

There was mixed news for ABC, though: The CMA Awards hit an all-time network broadcast low, while ‘Malibu Country’ was ravaged by critics. Still, it improved on its lead-in, ‘Last Man Stan...

FOX Knocks NBC Off 18-49 Perch

11/1/2012 9:46am EDT
Thanks to the World Series, FOX broke NBC’s winning streak in the 18-49 demo last week. It was the least-watched World Series in history, though. The network couldn’t even boast the week’s highest-rated sports program, which belonged to NBC’s Sunday Night Football with 17.73 million viewers. The highest rated game of the series, Game 4, averaged 15.49 million.

FOX also snatched the total viewership crown from CBS, which had won it four weeks running. Still, though network produced the week’s most watched show, ‘NCIS,’ which barely beat football with 17.78 million viewers. The network also ...

'Modern Family' Recap: 'Open House Of Horrors'

10/25/2012 7:18pm EDT
'Modern Family'
I love it when sitcoms go scary. I’m not just talking about classic Halloween episodes (hello, Roseanne!) but quasi-suspenseful sitcom plots. ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ managed to do it a couple of times, including an outing that turned out to be a haunting prelude to reality TV. And now ‘Modern Family’ has done it too, with an outing including a haunted house plot that is suspenseful not because of actual scares, but because the viewer wonders when Phil while be “got” by Claire.

That plotline is simple enough: Claire gets POed when Phil says she isn’t scary (with the exception of his quip, ...

TV Ratings: CBS, NBC Continue To Rule

10/25/2012 9:35am EDT
The trends of the TV season are continuing in the ratings: In the fourth week, CBS was tops among total viewers, with 10.33 million. NBC, while third in total viewers with 7.49 million, managed to win the 18-49 demo for the fourth straight week, still its best showing in a decade.

NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ was once again the top show of the week, attracting 17.47 million viewers. A resurgent ’60 Minutes’ finished second with 15.86 million, followed closely by a new episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with 15.73 million sets of eyeballs. The latter show has certainly become the network’s c...

'Modern Family' Recap: 'The Butler's Escape'

10/19/2012 11:25am EDT
Modern Family
In a precursor to Halloween, Luke takes up magic, much to Phil’s delight. Even though Luke is skilled enough to vanish in a vat of smoke, he doesn’t seem to enjoy being a magician. Phil doesn’t totally understand, and in their exchange about the matter he seems to wish he had Luke’s “escape” ability. As Phil says, “There are two things I know with dead certainty: How to shoulder-roll out of a human pyramid and the dark arts of the Butler's Escape." Unfortunately, he’s not completely capable of the latter.

Meanwhile, Jay can’t stand Gloria’s pregnancy-induced snoring. However, he fears offe...

HBO Film 'The Girl' Explores Alfred Hitchcock's Obsession With Tippi Hedren

10/19/2012 11:00am EDT
'The Girl'
Somehow, 36 years after he made his last film and over three decades since he passed away, Alfred Hitchcock is still a star.

More than any other director in history, Hitch, as he was called by many who worked with him, was as famous as the people he directed in his films. So perhaps it’s not all that surprising that the Master of Suspense is the subject of two big films this year – the first being HBO’s ‘The Girl,’ airing Saturday, Oct. 20.

The well-cast telefilm is about the making of two of Hitchcock’s later works – ‘The Birds’ and ‘Marnie,’ both in the 1960s – and his relationship with...

TV Ratings: NBC Tops Young Demo Yet Again

10/18/2012 9:41am EDT
'The Walking Dead'
NBC won the demo prize in the Nielsens yet again: For the third straight week, the Peacock network was tops among viewers aged 18-49. That hasn’t happened in a decade. The network was buoyed, of course, by the performances of ‘Sunday Night Football’ (number one with nearly 20 million viewers) and ‘The Voice.’

CBS won the week again with total viewers and was a close second in the 18-49 demo. Not surprisingly, shows like ‘NCIS’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ managed to crack the Top 5. ABC saw a strong performance from a double run of ‘Modern Family’ on Wednesday night, while FOX continues to ge...